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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Blog Log # (Hello, my name is Johnny Come Lately)

I know… I know! Geez… get off my back guys. I was unaware the quote of the week was so important to you. The thing is, I don’t want to choose a quote until I complete my weekly stack. You know, to be fair and all. So here you go the very first quote of last week. “We’ll market the cologne after I bludgeon you.” To spare you an epic yarn I could spin, I’ll blame the entire comic industry for putting a mountain of books out the same week My Morning Jacket is playing a hometown show. (That’s important because I don’t live in the same state as Louisville.) There will be more on MMJ later. Rest assured I feel horrible about making you guys wait so long for this blog log but I am only one man. (Man but or Man butt… hair mostly) Return here Friday for another installment of “the quote of the week.” That’s right this Friday! In the meantime return here for all the other sweet goodness we offer. – Rob

(It's true, don't ever be late on a quote of the week)

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