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Thursday, July 31, 2008

What Do You Mean They're Not Superheroes?: Dr. Dog Live: A Three Part Perspective - Part 1

So, Darren, Rob, our new Columnist Eric and a few of Rob's friends all went to The Bluebird last night to see the one and only Dr. Dog play to a pretty packed house. Since all three of our core Bloggers/Columnists were there we decided that we could do sort of a three part perspective of the show. There were two opening bands, one of which I had seen before and another which I was unfamiliar with. The evening started with Darren, Eric and I getting there and hour before doors and accidentally wandering in on soundcheck ... it was pretty cool. So, we went and got dinner at Union Station (I had an Asiago Cheese Bagel Dog from Einstein's Brothers). By the time we made it back to the venue things were starting to look pretty lively and we found a place to sit on a nice comfy couch where we spent most of the evening. The first opener was Marlow Honey, which sounded a whole lot like Kings of Leon, even moreso when they played a cover of The Bucket, they were pretty good and had some fun originals and I would like to see where they are in like 5 years. Next up was The Feed, who I saw at Off Broadway at an all covers night (they were The Clash and who I coincedentally saw at the last Dr. Dog show last year), They are an incredibly unique band that is a ton of fun to watch and even more fun to relax and listen to. The crowd at The Bluebird was a whole lot of fun and was rather diverse. And when Dr. Dog hit the stage it was time to stand up and move around a little bit. They put together a really tight set, taking into account that their second lead singer and bassist Toby Leaman suffered an injury to the throat prior to the tour beginning and is under doctors orders not to sing thought it didn't stop him from doing just a little bit of back up singing. The show was peppered with really memorable songs from previous albums as well as some great tracks from the new one. I haven't sought out seeing a band live a second time all that often, Ours, Man Man, Citizen Cope, The Bureau, and now Dr. Dog, I only really care to see a band live a second time if I really enjoyed the first time I saw them. One of the most frustrating things about most concerts is that most venues don't understand how to properly mix the audio and you can't hear the vocals of the band and so a majority of the enjoyment of the experience is lost. However Bluebird is clearly run by people who know how to make a concert a much more engaging experience The mix on the audio levels were perfect and despite being a small venue abd there being a large crowd it never felt claustrophobic like some other small venues can become. If anything can be gleaned from this experience it is that Dr. Dog is a band worthy of going to see more than once and even more than twice, and that The Bluebird is an absolutely fantastic addition the the Saint Louis Concert Venue Scene. Just remember, We all Belong.

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