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Friday, August 22, 2008

Blog Log # 2 (The Quote of the Week)

Is it just me or is the theme of this week, trust? Anyway here is the quote of the week. “Boy, you’d think after all this time, they’d have gotten rid of the last of the gasoline-powered cars, wouldn’t you?” Yes, in fact I do think. What did ever happen to the electric car? (if you are interested check out a doc called “Who Killed The Electric Car?” ) Due to the fact I hit rock bottom by delivering last week’s quote of the week so late, I gotsta another one for you. (I do believe it will take two quotes to destroy the "quote of last week" demon.) “'Trust' what do humans know of trust? You can’t even agree on one god.” There’s a taste of the trust theme I mentioned earlier. At least you all know you can trust me… right? - Rob

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