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Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Reason to Check Out The ComicDorks Every Day!

So, we came up with an idea.

I know that sounds dangerous, but trust me ...

We got together for a meeting just before Darren headed back to Columbia for the start of a new semester and we decided that as much as we all love doing the podcast, that we felt like there was more we could provide content for the folks who are coming by the website all the time, and that perhaps it might become one of the places you check every day for stuff like reviews, editorials, columns, concert reviews, album reviews, thoughts on movies, television, novels ... hell, all kinds of stuff. But we wanted to make it more regular. Something you could rely on.

So, we put our brains together and we put together as schedule of sorts. Something that you, the regular visitors to the website, and hopefully regular readers of our columns, and perhaps, even more hopefully, regular listeners of the podcast, can expect.

It breaks down like this:

  • Monday - You can expect to see the new episode of the ComicDorksCast (barring any kind of irregular event). But as well you can expect to start seeing regular issues of my new column "The Best Comics You Didn't Read This Week". So that means that in addition to being able to hear the episode you'll be able to get an idea of what you missed on the racks on the previous Wednesday.
  • Tuesday - "First Look Reviews". Every Tuesday the comics show up at the Saint Charles Fantasy Shop in order to be broken up into the orders for each particular store, and each week I read a couple and review them, now you can see what I think of a few comics the day before they hit the shelves!
  • Wednesday - "Living Up to Anticipation". Each episode we all pick 3 books that we are anticipating the release of on the coming Wednesday. Now you can find out if those titles were worth anticipating. Each week whomever hosted the previous week's episode will pick at least one of their anticipated books and let you know the truth about them!
  • Thursday - "What I'm Reading Now". Darren is the newest of the three Dorks to the world of comics and so he has a lot of catching up to do, and his fellow Dorks are making sure he has plenty to read. Each week Darren will let you know what he has been reading and what he thinks of it.
  • Friday - "Quote of the Week". Rob's great feature finds a permanent night and now every week you can get the best quote from the pages of comics, or just where ever Rob happens to find the best thing he has heard or read all week!
  • Saturday - "Saturday Night Theater". Anything can happen on Saturdays, but no matter what, it won't be comics! Saturday is when you can expect to hear us talking about what we're listening to, watching, thinking about ... Saturday Night is the night for everything.
  • Sunday - "Brief Mentions". Each week at the end of the show we mention 2 books that we didn't have time to talk about during the show. Now you can find out a little bit more about why we decided to mention them at all. Whomever is going to be the host of that week's show will let you know about the books he plans to "Brief Mention" and he won't be quite so brief!
So, that's what you can expect from us, starting this Sunday when I will let you know about at least one if not both of my Brief Mentions. Though don't think that those articles will be the only ones you'll see on the site, anytime our fairweather blogumnist Donut wants to grace us with an article you'll see it. And any time one of the other Dorks gets a wild hair and decides to write more you'll see it when you see it. But those are the ones you can expect.

Thanks so much for checking out our website, we appreciate every last one of you.

Let us know what you think, either click on the comment link at the bottom of a post, head over to www.fantasyshoponline.com and click on the message boards tab or shoot us an e-mail at ComicDorksCast@gmail.com


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Donut said...

What day of the week can the readers stick their fingers in the donut hole?