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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Words & Stuff: The Doctor is In. (The conclusion to the Dr. Dog Magical Night Spectacular Trilogy)

On Wednesday, July 30th, my face was thoroughly rocked by a band that I had recently fell in love with. But to truly understand how much rockage my face withstood (that’s right, I said rockage) we must back pedal almost a full year ago. The first time I experienced Dr. Dog was by surprise. I purchased tickets to a Wilco show last fall unknowing who the opening band was. Needless to say I was thoroughly impressed, though the actual awesomeness was not allowed to set in because of Wilco’s amazing performance left my mind completely blown. From that day forward, my Dr. Dog library began to grow (thanks to my friend Capt. Cletus) and I became more and more exposed to them and next time… I would be ready. Now let me bring you back to present day, I, accompanied by my esteemed colleagues, Scott and Erik, arrived at the Bluebird and happily paid the doorman (who was not Mr. Marvel Dick) and quickly fell into a very comfortable sofa. The first band to take the stage was a band by the name of Marlow Honey, I didn’t expect much but I was actually very impressed by their performance. The next band was known as The Feed, This band was even better than the last and also had a stellar performance. During these two bands we were able to watch the show from the comfort of our sofa. It is my theory that I intimidated everyone around us with my stunning good looks… or maybe it was rob's chops… Anyways, after a few minutes of setup, Dr. Dog took the stage and I immediately hopped to my feet. The show was amazing. The band was even better than I had remembered and the concert was also enhanced by the intimate setting of the venue and the great acoustics that it provided. My Old Ways and Ain’t it Strange were the highlight of the performance. There was also a gentleman who found the need to dance a lot right in front of me and often bend down in front of me, which often left me feeling awkward, but I digress. Dr. Dog is not just a show… it’s an experience. It can easily be seen that the band has been playing music together for a long time and are as good as bands that frequent The Pageant and Verizon Wireless Shit-Theater... oops I mean Ampitheater. Needless to say after the show, Dr. Dog was in the CD player all the way home. If you like music, just don’t check common venues for show but also smaller venues book some amazing shows. So Dr. Dog did not disappoint in the least bit and I count down the days until I can see them again.

If you thought this was Dr. Dog... You were wrong

Think more along these lines...

*** No animals were harmed in the making of this blog***

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Rob Anytime- Anywhere said...

thanks for the night terrors. sleeping = me running from a dog dressed as a doctor.