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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Straight From The Donut Hole: Lighting with a Vengance

In the DC Universe's Final Crisis, a light of salvation has shone through like a streak of lightning against the night sky.... In Final Crisis: Rogues' Revenge.

Famed writer Geoff Johns, and artist Scott Kolins once again team up to tell another tale of the villainous Rogues. When you open to the first page of this book, it just feels right. This is definitely relief from all the pain the current run of Flash has been bringing to comics fans. And anytime Geoff Johns comes to a book he brings a breath of fresh air. Anyone who knows Geoff Johns' run on Flash, knows the one rule all Rogues follow.."Never kill a speedster", and anyone who reads DC knows the Rogues murdered the former Flash Bart Allen.

Because of this horrible incident the Rogues have all decided its time to give up "the game" and just move on.

As the team meets up at a bar, out of costume and already beginning the new road to a different life, the news comes on and reports that the speedster Inertia escaped from his inanimate state and killed two officers. Seeing this the rogues were filled with rage and decide to go for one last run and break their rule one more time...time to kill a speedster.

The rest of the issue should be read in its full and not spoiled by my hopeful writing, but know that this issue has brought more than just a glimpse of good writing for the Flash. It has ensured that there will be more good things to come with the announcement of Flash: Rebirth, which will also be written by Geoff Johns.

What Johns brings to the Flash is more than just a string of action panels and cheesy remarks, but depth, a full spectrum of emotion, and a touch of darkness to make you want to keep reading that much more. Johns turned Wally West into a human being and not just another meta human. He brought the Flash pain, sorrow, regret, insecurity all emotions that everyday people relate to. Rather than repetitious superhuman conflict.

This is the kind of writing that causes people to fall in love with a hero, and all it takes is a bolt of lighting to start the fire ...

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