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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Blog Log # 2 (Big Hat, No Cattle)

We here at the ComicDorksCast are always breaking new ground. (Flipping the script, if you will.) It seems that just the other day a word was re-defined on this very page. That word is columnist.

Columnist- n. 1) One who does not write articles, blogs, or anything that is not a text message. 2) One who appears to blow smoke but upon searching for a fire you come up empty handed. (For there is no fire only smoke rings coming out of an ass) 3) one who uses terms like “suck a chub you pirate hooker” 4) A douche bag

Common uses:
Donut is a columnist.
Honey, could you go to the store and get me a columnist?
Did you see that columnist?
Donut kind of looks like a columnist.
Don't be a columnist.

I know it seems bold of us to use the English language as our playground but hey have you met us? Maybe one day Erik will stop playing with his donut hole and type us something. Until then, may no dictionary be safe.

This is what a columnist looks like.


(In this picture it appears that Donut is much larger than your average douche bag)

They also smell god-awful. Much like poop and sweaty balls all mixed together. - Rob


Crystal_Crush said...

If anyone's complained about this they didn't comment here. I don't see a problem with what you said as long as it is the usual banter that he wouldn't take offense to.

So everyone should lighten up if no one was harmed during the posting of this blog.


Crystal_Crush said...

You are pretty graphic though...
poop and sweaty balls, COME ON!
Gross, lol!