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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What Do You Mean They're Not Superheroes?: Robert Kirkman Just Changed My Life

To understand what I am talking about click HERE

Alright ...

I admit that, since I was 8, I have wanted to be a comic book writer. Whether it was something that I wanted to do that I felt was a "front-burner" desire or a "back-burner" desire it has always been in there somewhere. But, curiously enough I have never really had much desire to write the big characters at the big companies. I never had a desire to do that one great Spider-Man story or that one great Green Lantern story ... I mean sure I have wanted to do that one great Harvey Bullock story wandering around in my head and a great Foggy Nelson story that bumps into the walls sometimes. So, when I listened to this editorial it made me realize that I should be writing the ideas for comics that are in my head, that I should be doing every last thing that I can to get published ...

So, if you are a comic artist of any style I am now interested in looking at your portfolio of work and an interested in starting to share some of the ideas that I have banging around in my skull somewhere with people who might be interested in contributing creatively to some ideas that I want to start working on.

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Rob Anytime- Anywhere said...

i might know a fella. i see him every hump day. i will send him your way. sursley have you talked to darwyn about that harvey story?