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Thursday, December 11, 2008

What I’m Reading Now: The Golden Age of Green Lantern

Green Lantern: Rebirth
Written By: Geoff Johns
Art By: Ethan Van Sciver

In the midst of me watching The Dark Knight several times within a couple days, I decided that it might be a good idea to do some reading. I gave Batman a rest and entered the world of another great DC character, Green Lantern. Throughout my personal comic history, Green Lantern has been one of those characters that I never really cared for. But with all the hype surrounding Geoff Johns’ “Blackest Night” story, I figured now was a better time than any to begin. I started off with a six-issue miniseries called Green Lantern: Rebirth. Written by Geoff Johns with art by Ethan Van Sciver, Green Lantern: Rebirth series is about the return of the greatest Green Lantern throughout the 3600 space sectors – Hal Jordan. These six issues are some of the best superhero reading I have ever experienced. I never knew that Green Lantern was such an enjoyable character. Upon beginning, I did some research to discover the story of Hal Jordan and why Jordan was currently housing the spirit of vengeance. In 1994, DC decided to do away with Hal Jordan, which took place within the pages of Zero Hour. A decade later, Hal Jordan was scheduled to return and at the helm would be up and coming writer – Geoff Johns. These six issues are a pivotal point in the history to the Green Lantern Corp. and the to the lanterns of space sector 2814. Green Lantern: Rebirth is one of the greatest DC stories to hit the shelves within the last decade. It is a great story and is becoming increasingly important with the current DCU. Van Sciver also draws beautifully throughout this book and draws some absolutely stunning pages. It is also a interesting time to read this story because this creative team is also going to write the upcoming Flash: Rebirth series… the coming of Barry Allen. It’s an exciting time to be reading stories like this that will resonate throughout the DCU for years to come.

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