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Friday, December 5, 2008

Living Up To Expectations: Being a Criminal Never Felt So Good

Criminal 2 #7
Written By: Ed Brubaker
Art By: Sean Phillips

I think we are all in agreement that comics are good. Some of course are better than others, just like movies and TV shows. But every once in awhile, a comic comes along that simply captivates you and blows away the competition. Tell me if you have heard this one before….READ CRIMINAL! Written By Ed Brubaker and art by Sean Phillips, Criminal is, as stated before, the best book on the shelves. I don’t think a book has received more praise on the ComicDorksCastTM than Criminal. For those unfamiliar with this fantastic series, Criminal is a series of short stories and vignettes with characters whose lives are loosely based upon each other. In short, Criminal could be considered a more realistic Sin City. With this issue (Criminal 2 #7), the “Bad Night” story arc comes to a close. This is one of the best issues thus far. The comic is split up into three parts: The Cop, The Nurse, and the main character, Jacob Kurtz (and his sidekick/imaginary friend, Frank Kafka). This issue breaks down all the events we have seen in the past three issues and gives more context as to why things happened in the story the way they did. This multiple point-of-view approach really fills out the story and has you wondering how you didn't see it coming. We also get the startling reveal about the true nature of Jacob’s comic character, Frank Kafka. Sean Phillips continues to absolutely draw the S#&% out of this book. Sean Phillips creates excellent dark and dreary panels that this comic creates. I really cannot find anything wrong with this book. The characters, the script, the art, the lettering, and the coloring are all amazing. There are two seasons of this great series. The first season was traded into two volumes: “Coward” and “Lawless”. The first three issues of the second season were also traded into “The Dead and the Dying”. These three trades bring you up to date with “Bad Night,” which concluded with this issue. In the Comic Hall of Fame, Criminal has its spot reserved.

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