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Sunday, December 7, 2008

From The Dorks’ Soundtrack (Here comes the zombie portraying me. - Dillinger Four)

Music from episode 44

Song – labourissuesinthetoydepartment

Performed by – Dillinger Four

From the album – “situationist comedy”

Nowadays when I think of great punk rock less and less bands make the list. One band that is forever sketched in the punk rock tablet some dude with a fin brought down the mountain is Dillinger Four. The first time I heard D4, instantly, I thought holy shit! So this is what punk rock is sposed to sound like. What is better than a punk band that rocks it so hard that their fans fail to realize or to care that they are poking fun at them. Or should I say the “scene.” I don’t know, you tell me.

D4 hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Huh, so Minneapolis was not only the birth of what has become Alt Country but also the home of one of the best punk bands known to man? It is hard for me to relate to you how relieving it is for me to have a band like D4 in my life. I got into punk rock in my early twenties, not as a teen. Not that I didn’t try but bands like The Dead Kennedys and the Sex Pistols suck. I’m sorry but it’s not my fault they suck. But because they sucked I thought… hey, I’ll just listen to the Dead for a few years. Not to mention, that oddly enough it seemed the jobs I worked in my early twenties filled me with more angst than I ever could have imagined as a whiney little teenager. Therefore, it was therapeutic for me to hear songs about shitty bosses, shitty jobs, and shitty people. I believe it feels better to scream out a song as opposed to punching a wall or a face, that’s just me. The titles D4 have chosen for their songs probably help a bit, as well.
I have been lucky enough to have seen a couple D4 shows in my day. So, I can honestly say D4 shows kick ass! With them releasing a new album recently, here’s to hoping we will have another chance. Needless to say D4 is in my life to stay. Platonically… of course. I mean how could I ever turn my back on a band that taught me the true meaning of the fruit cocktail. If you do not know the true meaning of the fruit cocktail I recommend you check into it and if you have trouble finding the true meaning of the fruit cocktail drop an e-mail and I’ll try to have a special screening to enlighten you all. D4 truly puts the “F” back in “ART.” As well as, giving me a perfect outro. “Check out my new dance I call it the walk away.
-Cap’n Clet

p.s. When in doubt just ask yourself W.W.D.4.D? You can trust this guy, just look at him. Really, how much art can you take? Oh yeah, they sound nothing like The Clash.


· had a shrine to gene simmons in his bedroom in 1985 when kiss wasn't cool
· beautiful blue eyes, push-over, newports
· is the sexy marketing tool
· "erik funk" played bass in Impetus Inter
· other bandS: BILLINGSGATE

· swears he saw truman capote in new orleans even though hes been dead for years
· should shut the fuck up
· "attitude problem", mooch, whiskey

· won't eat a grilled cheese sandwich because it does not make sense
· isn't home right now, but do you want to leave a message?
· really loooong stories, always at work, any beer
· Doctor of Clinical Psychology

· runs Extreme Noise Records in Minneapolis
· works everyday trying to convince people to buy records the don't really want
· rocks block parties in an old school way
· lord of all dogs, never at work, colt .45
· other bands: SCOOBY DON'T

Studio albums
· Midwestern Songs of the Americas (1998)
· Versus God (2000)
· Situationist Comedy (2002)
· Civil War (2008)
Live albums
· Live at First Avenue (2003)
Compilation albums
· This Shit Is Genius (1999)
· Higher Aspirations: Tempered and Dismantled (1995)
· The Kids Are All Dead (1996)
· More Songs About Girlfriends and Bubblegum (1997)
Split releases
· The Rebel's Choice (split with The Strike) (1997)
· Pinhead Gunpowder/Dillinger Four (2000)
· Belt Fighting the Man (with Toys That Kill and Rivethead)
· Plea for Peace/Take Action Vol. 2
External links
· www.angelfire.com/mn/dillingerfour
· http://www.myspace.com/dillingerfour

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