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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Living Up to Expectations: Avengers Initiative #19 and Dark Reign New Nation # One-Shot

*Editor’s Note: Due to the fact that Rob talks about Avengers Initiative a lot he will keep his review brief. Also, due to the fact that Scotty decided to have a competition, that Rob will not be participating in, by writing a wonderful post on Hellblazer you will not find any words about John. Check this out, Scott literally slapped Rob in the face and said, “I demand satisfaction!” True story, it was crazy. Lastly, we all know Rob is going to pick Birds of Prey for the show; therefore, Rob will write on a book he was not anticipating.

Avengers Initiative
# 19 “V-S Day”

Writers –Dan Slott and Christos N. Gage

Artists – Harvey Tolibao and Bong Dazo

This is a book I talk about often and with good reason. This book kicks ass! Issue # 19 was a perfect follow up to Secret Invasion. Right now you are thinking, “What about Dark Reign… dumbass?” Now hold on, hear me out. Where were the Skrulls? What are the Skrulls doing? Well, my friends, if you read Avengers Initiative # 19 you saw their side of the fight. As well as what the other Initiative teams were doing. Not to mention an excellent evolution of a great character. No, it is not Tippy-Toe, but Tippy-Toe is glorious all the same. Obviously, I still recommend this book to everyone who cares about great Marvel titles. How Dum Dum can a Dum Dum be?

Dark Reign: New Nation One-Shot (I refuse to put a #1 here but I guess I just did. Damn you DD! That’s a joke; I hope it’s funny.)

“Secret Warriors”

Writers –Brian Michael Bendis and Jonathan Hickman

Artist – Stefano Caselli

“Agents of Atlas”

Writer – Jeff Parker

Penciler –Carlo Pagulayan

“War Machine”

Writer – Greg Pak

Artist – Leonardo Manco

“Skrull Kill Krew”

Writer -Adam Felber

Penciler – Paulo Siqueira

“New Avengers: The Reunion”

Writer – Jim McCann (hope that 2nd ‘c’ is sposed to be small)

Penciler – David Lopez

Reminiscent of a book DC released, titled Brave New World, a while ago (You guys read that… I hope.), Dark Reign: New Nation was a perfect introduction into the world left in the wake of the Skrull invasion. This issue consisted of short stories, if you will, of what we can look forward to in the future of the Marvel Universe. I gotta say I’m a little excited to see what will become of my subtotals in the near future. (Why can’t you leave the poor man alone?)

This issue kicks off with a heart warming Warriors story. You saw the team, creative and heroic. What do you expect? I’ll tell you. Some more kick ass comic book reading… bye and bye. Two words with one ‘I’ … Nick Fury! Then, we get a glimpse of the Agents of Atlas. How perfect does that sound rolling off the tongue? Agents of Atlas… I shiver. Next it is War Machine, which is the only one I have not got to yet but I will. Yeah, I skip around… so what? Following the prior is a heart-warming story called Skrull Kill Krew. I assure you this story will be in my mind for many mooooooons! Lastly but not leastly, it’s New Avengers: The Reunion. (I add a ‘?’) This story was very intriguing and left me saying, “WHAT… THE… FUCK?” in a good way, of course. Overall, this was a well-packaged comic worth the raising rate of our issues as of late. Don’t think I haven’t noticed.

I do believe we will see our Marvel Universe in a whole new fashion with what lies ahead. I’m starting to see that last Secret Invasion issue as the beginning rather than a conclusion. Which raises the question, when was the last time Marvel actually concluded a big event? It doesn’t really matter anyway because after reading Dark Reign: New Nation, I know that there will be fun o'plenty to be had along this never ending journey that is The Marvel Big Event.


S. dot said...

OH cap'n you hit it right no the head. Both of these books where awesome. I have enjoyed Initiative since the begging. In fact as far as the whole secret invasion storyline goes all three of the avengers books really made it better by giving us some background.
With dark reign I am looking forward to pretty much all of those spin off stories. The only one that didn't jump out at me right away is the agents of atlas...but as you are the end all be all of comic wisdom enlighten me. Oh and I still say that you should have your own spin off show...murrrr!

Rob Anytime- Anywhere said...

your too kind!