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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What Do You Mean They're Not Superheroes?: Sneak Peek Reviews 12/03/2008

Secret Invasion #8
Written by: Brian Michael Bendis
Art by: Lenil Francis Yu

And it's finished. I admit that I had some problems with the first act and a half of this story. The time spent in The Savage Lands was ... a bit exhausting. But things really started to get quite shaken up and become rather interesting and then issue #7 the big fight happened and everything got big and scary. This issue we most assuredly see the end of the epic brawl that we spent the whole of last issue entrenched in. Are there some surprising things that happen? Absolutely. Are there some tragic things that happen? Surely. Are there some really cool things that happen? Most certainly. But ... in the long run I think there is something ultimately intriguing and frustrating about this story. Yes, it will change the status quo of the whole of the Marvel Universe. Yes, it will shake things up more than anyone might have ever expected. Yes, it will leave your jaw on the floor quite a few times. Is it a bit frustrating that last week we got the most recent issue of Thunderbolts which ultimately spoiled a few of the big beats of the story? Was it frustrating that as big as this story was that it ultimately was just a prelude to the coming Dark Reign? Is it a bit of a frustration that big events seem to be falling so closely back to back? The answer to all of these questions are again: Yes.

Haunted Tank #1
Written by: Frank Marraffino
Art by: Henry Flint

I'll be honest again. I wasn't sure what to expect from this book. But it was really damn fun. Fran Marraffino has a great grasp for both the simple modern dialog of US Army men, as well as the lofty and complex dialect of a Confederate Cavalry General. This is a book for anyone who is looking for a modern war book that has both serious commentary as well as humorous interaction between soldiers of disparate times and cultures. The characters are incredibly well drawn by Henry Flint. This is a really interesting first issue and it introduces each of the characters rather well as well as introducing the basics of the story to come in the ongoing series. I'm not sure if anyone who checks out this title is going to be familiar with either of the creators but I think that it is easy to say that these guys have what it takes to become the same kind of household names that some of the best creators who have worked under the Vertigo umbrella. I think that this is a series that has a very promising future and it's certain that there is a long and storied history for the title of "Haunted Tank" and that these guys will do a damn fine job of contributing to it.

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