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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What I’m Reading Now: A Chance Encounter

Leave It To Chance
Written By: James Robinson
Art By: Paul Smith

Thanksgiving break was good to me. Got to eat a lot, sleep a lot, and most importantly, read a lot. On Wednesday, I traveled out to the Fantasy Shop in South County to see our dear co-host’s new digs. I must say it is pretty fancy. I took this time catch up on some titles such as Fear Agent and read some new titles such as Umbrella Academy (as mention in episode 43 LISTEN!!) and Elephantmen. But there was one title in particular that I was excited to read about and that was Leave It To Chance. Written by James Robinson, art by Paul Smith, and published by Image Comics, Leave It To Chance is an enchanting tale about Chance Falconer, the sole heir to the Falconer name, and her journey of proving herself to her father and others that she is to be the next Falconer, the protector of Devil’s Echo. After finishing Starman and becoming completely enthralled in James Robinson’s Superman run, I became interested in all things James Robinson. And this title by no means disappoints. Leave It To Chance is a great fantasy tale that is really accessible to people of all ages. This comic’s supporting characters are also great including a DRAGON… awesome. Though I am not the biggest Paul Smith fan, his art is definitely at home in this series. His bold figures and simple colors and panels offer the book a unique look, which ultimately enhances the experience. James Robinson also shows why his comics are so great to read. He makes the characters seem very real and allow the audience to connect to the characters and the actions taking place throughout the comic. The series was published irregularly from 1996 to 1999 creating a 12 issue story. In 2002, Image published issue 13 which appeared to start a new story but due to low sales the book was halted there after. Leave It To Chance is a great story that should beloved and cherished by all comic enthusiasts. So sit back, relax, and Leave It To Chance.

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not one mention of the manazons putting a tune together... real cool dude, real cool. it's like i dont even know you anymore.