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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What Do You Mean They're Not Superheroes?: My Current Favorite Novelist

Cory Doctorow has, over the last 10 months or so become one of my favorite novelists. Right now I would say that he is my favorite. He writes science fiction that varies from the far flung future to future present. One of the reasons that I like Doctorow so much is that he is a really smart writer, and I think that is undeniable. He writes well constructed prose and in addition he creates believable characters (which considering the characters he has created is really a difficult idea to grasp). I have read all 4 of his novels in a really brief time considering that I haven't really read novels for pleasure in quite a few years. I also really like Doctorow because he shucks common thought about copyright. He makes his novels available for free online as well as in print in book stores all over the world. And if you want to know why he does this all you have to do is read one of his books. He wants all knowledge to be available to all those who seek it. He wants people to be able to do what they wish with the things that they buy. He explains it far better than I ever could.

If case you are interested in reading some of his works I will provide some of the links to his novels:

Little Brother: Text and HTML

Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town: Text and HTML

Eastern Standard Tribe: Text and HTML

Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom: Text and HTML

They are all really fun and really smart, some are really strange, some are pretty understandable. But I think, if you read them, and think about them, that they just might change the way you look at the world.

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