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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Blog Log # 2 (my old friend the blues, there's nothin lonelier than that)

It has been a sweet folkin' start to a summer of great shows. Tonight I write you still in awe of what I witnessed. Steve Earle solo (well almost) and acoustic. His wife opened up for him, I would tell you her name but then you wouldn't be forced to check this stuff out. She has a beautiful voice and great fingerpickin style of playing. As Steve strolled out on stage I was on the verge of exploding all over my friends as well as everyone within a 100 yards of me, in all directions. Yeah I did just say that, I only talk in truth. For years I have been a Steve Earle fan, that can't get into the Dukes stuff. Therefore, I would only see him solo acoustic like a Texan song writer should. Little did I know I would get my chance. The real dream is to see Townes play live and Steve is as closest as I see possible to this. (beyond dvds) Steve is to Townes as Ramblin Jack is to Woody or Zimmerman to Woody for you younger folks. Speaking of Dylan good job Scotty, "don't critize what you can't understand, your sons and your daughters are beyond your command your old road's rapidly aging please get outta the new one if you can't lend a hand" (on piano! it kinda made me a bit puffy) Back to Steve, this is about Steve right? he unleashed an arsenal on us tonight; a couple sweet axes made by Mr. Martin, a steel gitbox all nice and chrome like, a banjo, a Bazooky ( i can't spell or talk for that matter. the word I just made up is for an instrument sorta like a large mandolin) and a mandolin. Did I mention he blew harp in about 85% of the the songs he played. If that hasn't got your goat, he had an Athens fella on turntables supply beats on a handful of songs.(again find out for yourself what his name is. you got a computer right?) We even got to see all three sing together. Any fans of the Wire should know who Steve Earle is. He makes appearences in shows as well as the theme song for the show, which was written by Tom Waits "way down in a hole" off of the album frank's wild years. I, unfortunately, have not watched the Wire due to the fact that there is 10,000 hours of Homicide Life on the Street to go through first. So, you Wire fans that missed the show, you know who you are, shame on you. Lastly, I would like to mention that this is two shows in a row that have been smoke free. Sorry smokers but it is pretty awesome leaving a show without burning eyes and reeking of your bad habits. Say what you will but my bad habits smell fantastic. There you have it another great show in STL. your pal, Captain Cletus Whiteheart

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