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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Blog Log # 2 (One white dude without his shirt on shakin it while trying to fly away using his shirt as a helicopter!)

Here we are night two of this blog log. Jeff- many nice guitars and voice, John- Bass, Guitar, and Voice, Nels- Lap steel and guitars, Glenn- percussion, Pat- keys, guitar, shaky type instruments, and voice, Mikael- keys a.k.a Wilco. What can I say... except they rocked it. Nels Cline is a monster!!! Tommygun was right. Nels is not from this planet. Dare I say it? Nels Cline is God! Now that I got that out, I will move right along with this blog log of greatness. Wilco looks like a band of six guys who love being able to do what they do with their friends and make the most wonderful sounds while doing it. We are lucky enough to be included in this equation. I got to catch the first two nights of the three night stand. ( I'm gonna go ahead and say this was a hometown show. Check yo'self fool!) I'm sure tonight was pretty excellent. Helm told me all the songs I didn't get to hear. The two that stung most were Pick up the Change and Bob Dylan's Beard, which Tweedy wore his white jumpsuit( in the fasion of Gram) with what appeared to be roses embroidered all over it to perform these numbers as well as the rest of the show. Still I remain a man of stone. It doesn't even matter. An 8 yr old dream of mine was fulfilled. John singing It's Just That Simple with Tweedy strapping on the Bass. Wow!!! I tried to rip Molly's arm right out of the socket ( which she found very romantic) as screams of a 12 yr old little girl came out of my lungs. (this too, very sexy) This is the third and most tight Wilco I have seen. Seeing Hotel Arizona @ the Blue Note when Jay was still around was pretty cool but Wilco is 100% professional when it comes to the music nowadays. Pat gives us The windmill as well as the duck walk, Glenn is the hardest working man in rock and roll (sorry Wayne) Molly used the Animal comparison. She's right, you muppet freaks need to realize. Animal learned some control and is now playing in Wilco under an alias, Mikael's keys are steller, Nels ( I believe I said enough about Nels earlier) John (one of the two constants in this band) is steady as a mule, Jeff a true showman if I ever had seen one, and together they are unstoppable. Wilco is to be seen live and not taken for granted. Their albums are great but their shows are undeniable. I'm proud to say that I stand witness to hearing these words escape Tweedy's lips, " It's good to be home." You said it, I heard it, and I'm holding you to it. As St. Louisians ( obviously counting as far out as Wentzville even Troy) we get to hear Jeff sing songs for his dad. We get Casino Queen. We get New Madrid. We are truley lucky, don't forget it! Do we whine and complain too much? You tell me. So... Wilco... let's crank out a new album and be back in the fall? What do you say guys? You wanna come back home? I know you just left but this is home right? Alright enough,Thanks Wilco for rocking- Captain Cletus Whiteheart

P.S. The titles of these blog logs are based on a true story. I was there. I sat behind him. It was awesome if I have ever seen awesome.

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