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Friday, May 2, 2008

What Do You Mean They're Not Superheroes?: A Bunch of Things


So, we here at The ComicDorksCast love comics, as should be well documented by now. But we also love other things. Like television, movies, music, novels, the internet, technology, and well ... anything we can get our hands on I suppose. Like I mentioned last episode we are going to be expanding our coverage here on The ComicDorksCast website. The Podcast will always be about the weeks comics and the news and the things we are excited about in the world of comics. But, the site is going to become more representative of all of our interests.

And so I bring you the following:


Went to a concert last night at The Billiken Club, over in the student center at Saint Louis University. It was Caribou (who you heard in the opening and closing music on Episode 12) with the band F**k Buttons opening for them. It was a really great show. Caribou blew my mind. For a band that sounds so intricate on studio albums to sound so great live was a real surprise to me (despite my having seen Explosions in the Sky live). I am really starting to understand and appreciate live music in a way I never really had before. And F**k Buttons re-opened my eyes to electronica and made picking up their album seem like the absolute right thing to do. Free concerts are scheduled all the time at The Billiken Club and if you're in the Saint Louis Metro area you really couldn't find a wider variety of acts on stage (despite the venue being kind of sub-par). Free show + Vitamin Water & a BBQ Beef tortilla Pizza for me ($7) + a Soda & Brownie for Steff ($3) + Caribou Tour CD & T-Shirt ($20) + F**k Buttons CD ($15) = $45 night out on the town and one hell of a time.


So, for a while now I have been using Twitter to keep apprised of the goings on of some of my favorite comics creators, podcasters, and NPR's top headlines, but in the last couple of days I have decided that it was probably time to start using it for myself and updating the goings on of my own life. So, if you are interested in following me on Twitter you can do so by heading over to www.twitter.com/Ronin_46 where you can hear what is going on in my life as well some really short comic reviews as I finish reading my books every week. Think of it as a chance to get inside my head.


I love television. I love the hour long drama format and I love the serialized story telling format. It's one of the reasons I love comics. I love the gap between episodes or issues, it makes my brain have to work through what might have happened in the issue and draw my own conclusions. But, I can't find the time to actually keep up on the television shows that I like. So, for a long time I would download them via Bit Torrent and watch them at my leisure. But that takes up a lot of hard drive space and requires more time than is sometimes worth committing. UNTIL! I found this website thanks to my friend Steff and it has been a total lifesaver. www.surfthechannel.com has a huge catalog of television shows that you can check out and watch full episodes of without the pesky frustration of having to download anything. Think of it as YouTube for television. SO CHECK IT OUT!


Cory Doctorow's new book "Little Brother" came out last week and I picked it up today. Having loved his previous three novels I knew I was going to buy this one, however if you are unfamiliar with Doctorow, no worries you can read all of his novels for free over at his website www.craphound.com or you can get the DRM free audiobook by clicking on the link provided on the sidebar of this very site.

See, we're more than just Comic Dorks!

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