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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Blog Log # 2 (HOW TO START A WAR!!!)

I just wasted precious time that I will never get back. Two words; Shit samich, steaming pile, Doo Doo, the brown, or The Order. What the hell man? Who cares about a stupid team in Californ I A? Would you believe Neil Young was quoted amoungst other fine people through out this bottomless pit of tripe.( sorry Neil! I'm trying to piss two people off right now. Remember me I was the guy who paid nearly $100 to see you? Your lucky, it was worth every penny not that you should continue to stick it to us poor fans.) What kinda hippy crap is that? Not groovey and I don't dig it ...man. Upon completeing this series I thought, what should I do now? So I dropped a duece and wiped my sweet ass with the pages. That's right Pepper caught a glimpse of my good side. You know maybe I have found a use for the Order. Nope, paper cuts. Turns out the Order has no use at all. Frankly, I'm suprised Matt Fraction put his name on the cover. You hear that guys? Whaddup now? Eat it, poop it out, eat it again, and love every second of it! - your pal, Devil's Advocate


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