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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Blog Log #2 (Cold and Dead In STL)

Last night folks, an amazing thing happened. Wlliam Elliott Whitmore @ Off Broadway! Willy is a man who has a voice that has lived many a lifetimes all sustained on chain smoking and jugs of whisk-a-ney. One man, one tenor banjo, and an acoustic gitbox under a swing, filled the stage. To set the mood he opened with an accapella number called Cold and Dead. I was lucky enough to be standing next to the legendary Joe Metro who was wearing a smile and sporting whiskey breath, all at the same time. Iowa has surely given birth to a man that has the job to keep the music this country was raised on alive. Stay tuned to blog log #2 to hear me mention another fella. If you are alive you should be checking out Whitmore. As Scotty would say if you don't like Willy you dont have a soul. He deserves all your money, so don't be greedy, buy his albums. You can check him out on my space, i tunes, or walk into your local cd store and demand them to order his cds. lastly, I would be be doing a great disservice to the female gender if I didn't mention how appreciated the tattooed rocker chicks beautiful dresses were. They don't hold a candle to my gal (I love you baby!!!) but lets keep this trend alive. Now don't be gettin dirty on me these dresses are classy, not made for a modern age floozy if you know what I mean. So check out William Elliott Whitmore or else!!! your pal, Captain Cletus Whiteheart

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