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Friday, May 9, 2008

Blog Log # 2 (My name is Cletus. I know Things!)

Hey Hey Hey it's Fat Robert! Howdy folks just wanted to mention a few things. First, I love seeing Bendis and Maleev back together again but Layla in her undies with boobies? What up Alex? Trying to make me feel bad about myself, well have your laugh Mr. Maleev. As of today I reached my peak (or peek) of that dirty ol' man feelin, thanks big guy. How about Mila starring as Daisy. Pretty cool. Thanks to X-factor: The Quick and The Dead I got to see Layla how I like to.( as a little kid!) Anyway Mighty Avengers was totally freakin sweet. Great, now I sound like Peter.( giggity, giggity, oh yeah! ) Maleev, you are still one of the greats in my book. Second , the first ever blog log quote of the week "Let's make out and whip up more plans for mass slaughter." (Smooooooooooth!) You know it? You got a better one? If so email it to us. You never know, you might hear your named dropped on the best show in the modern world. Thirdly, it was an amazing week for comics so the show will probably be prettyfreakinawsome so don't miss it. If you do miss it you might just suck, I don't know I'm not here to judge. later for now, Rob

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