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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Blog Log # 2 (oh the glory of hump day)

Oh Samson you are so mighty. You and your dreamy long locks and big burly beard. I can almost see you walking around in sandals and a t-shirt. If you were real you would probably sell comic books and have a podcast. How I envy your greatness and long to be by your side. Oh mighty Samson someday I will grow up to be you. ( know what I mean Scotty?) It was a pretty fantastic week for comic lovers. One of my favorite books this week was Superman #676. This book brought together Supes, Alan Scott, and Grundy to celebrate memorial day in spandex and all. Within these pages we discover who Supes favorite Golden Age hero is. Was there ever any wonder who it could be. Supes owes his life to the Knight family! Now we find ourselves one issue away from embarking upon Superman stories told through the pen of James Robinson. It makes sense we would see Grundy and hear mention of a man who is a star or a star who is a man,oh hell it's Starman! Strap in, it is surely gonna be a fantastic voyage. On to the Blog Log quote of this week, " Maybe we can do somthing with that dumb midwest cracker hair. Like shave it off."
Well this cracker says stay tuned for the podcast where I will show you that the word dumb and midwest should never be placed in the same sentence, I ain't no god damn sumnabitch you better think about that baby. So yee-ha! y'all comeback now. Rob

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