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Friday, May 23, 2008

Blog Log #2 (two mornin's after)

Hey hey hey it's fat Robert! I just finished my stack of new comics and good golly Ms Molly, what a week. I turns out I got current on Birds of Prey just in time for a new issue. Therefore, I got to see two of my favorite characters go at it with a nice little twist to add to the glory that is this book. How about that Cap issue? Brubaker just... totally rocks! We say so long to Loveless. I can't wait to read this run beginning to end.( can we have a moment of silence for the fine people of Blackwater?) We say hello to Bruce Jones on Checkmate. Did he pass the test? Check out the show to find out. This week also gave us more to Secret Galactica in Mighty Avengers( this event has been absolutely fanfreakintastic) as well as many other life changing books that are destined to be talked about by your favorite dorks. Now on to the quote of the week "Will you please give it a rest, Captain Man-Boobs?" ( it was a toss up this week. I decided not to go with the one about jism. Your welcome!) In closing I would like to recommend that you start streching now, so that you are prepared for the next episode of the ComicDorksCast. Its sure to be a doozey. - Rob

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