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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Living Up To Expectations

The New Avengers # 49

Writer –Brian Michael Bendis

Pencils –Billy Tan

Well, here we are in a world of many different Avengers and the government-backed team is a bunch of whack jobs. I am still wondering why the hell Norman is in charge? I know the how but really… why is Norman in charge? And how does a country feel safe with an Avengers team hand picked by the Goblin? We are lucky that people like the New Avengers still give enough of a damn to see that we are safe from … well, ourselves. Issue # 48 ended with an interesting look at what Luke would do for his kid. Like most people he would do anything even join Norman’s team if it meant he got his kid back. You try and explain to Jessica that you refuse to be on a team of lunatics even though it meant she got her child back. So, we saw Luke make a deal but would he keep his end?

Issue # 49 picks up with Luke rolling around with Norman and his goons. Then we see a couple of our old friends, Skrulls, being interrogated and then eaten. That leads us to a warehouse or a secret meeting spot The Skrulls had during the invasion. It is there we see Luke face his daughter’s kidnapper, Skrarvis. I had to laugh because Skrarvis didn’t know what he done was wrong. He was given a baby and kept that baby safe. I believe Luke realizes this and tells Skrarvis if he makes it right he can beam back up to the Enterprise. Bullseye had other plans. Bullseye gets beat down. Luke Cage rules! Luke no longer works with Norman. Despite, Norman calling Luke names. I still have to wonder what he meant by “guess who just made the list.” At the end of this issue we get the New Avengers reaction to Norman’s Avengers playing dress up with other peoples clothes. Much like I thought Clint is not happy and the New Avengers may have found a reason to fight. What will happen when the New Avengers clash with the Newer Avengers? Guess you should probably read and find out.

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