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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Brief Mentions: I Hope The Dying Birds Don’t Become Prey, But I Think A Mighty Beginning Could Avenge Them Either Way.

The Mighty Avengers

Writer- Dan Slott

Penciler –Khoi Pham

“Earth’s Mightiest” Part 1
“The Smartest Man in the Room”

I have to say, “Thus far the Mighty Avengers run has been just okay.” Not, that it hasn’t been enjoyable to read it just felt like the backburner Avenger book to me. We got, what three arcs before the Invasion began? Then, all this Skrull tomfoolery started and we got a lot of flashback issues. (Which, I thought were great and had some of my favorite Invasion stories.) Presently, we have survived the Invasion but are left with a “shit storm” in which, one of the most level headed of men is running the show. At least, from the government’s side but we all know the saying about the number of sides to every story.

Mighty Avengers #21 is a new beginning to this book. We have a new team, creative and otherwise, and a whole new look at the Marvel U. Obviously, I was really excited to see Slott and Pham on this cover and a little surprised to see the lady in red, as well. Khoi Pham’s art kind of just speaks for it’s self and I have been a huge Dan Slott fan for a few years now. He was introduced to me through a Spidey/ Torch mini but I fell in love with his work on She-Hulk and then right on up through the Initiative. I feel there is no better writer to be working on an Avenger book than Slott. He is the “readers writer”… if you know what I mean. Example: in this issue I got to see the Young Avengers, New York streets running with blood, some people in different suits, (some are fucking posers others… or one is glorious) Omega Flight… eh, a cold angry Hulk, a crying cow, some kick ass flash backs, a returning character who actually gathers a good looking group of people, many different versions of Avengers (as in old, new, dark, and mighty… of course.) and the realization (which I have know for years) that Jarvis is the most important Avenger of all. I didn’t mention Herc. There, now I have.

So here it is what you will see when The Mighty Avengers Assemble. Jarvis, The Wasp (Hank Pym and it is fucking awesome he is calling himself that… so says I), Hercules, Amadeus Cho (the 7th smartest mind on Earth), Jocasta, Vision (the young avenger’s flavor), Hulk, U. S. Agent (John Walker… that name is ironic on many levels but all are true), Cassie Lang (Stature), and The Scarlet Witch. It all sounds awesome to me and it should to you too. I highly recommend checking this book out as well as any thing else Dan Slott and Khoi Pham have worked on.

Birds of Prey #126

Writer –Tony Bedard

Penciller – Claude St. Aubin

“Silicon Avatar”

Due to the fact this is the second to last issue of this wonderful book and I want to talk about the murder of this book when it actually occurs, I will only say a few words about it. Calculator, bad ass, internet killer dudes, big ass computer robot, web traveler, new powers, new face made out of Babs’ electronics, and execute.


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