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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Living up to Expectations: (Brains for Dinner, Brains for Lunch, Brains for Breakfast, and Brains for Brunch.)

Walking Dead # 57

Writer –Robert Kirkman

Penciler –Charlie Adlard

Well, none of the books I anticipated actually made it home with me so here is what I thought about Walking Dead. I think all of us can expect one thing out of this book. We can expect dead people. As well as, an unbelievable good time at the expense of the characters found in these pages. It seems that Kirkman has succeeded in alleviating any expectations we can have in his story. By now we can all revel in the fact that a zombie story lasting five years in a remarkable feat let alone the fact that each issue opens this story up to wider possibilities. Though not all the issues are packed full with action, each issue holds the up most importance to the over all tale that is being told.

Walking Dead # 57 finds our cast still on the road. After the last few issues we are getting to know some new characters a little bit better and some older characters more than we could ever have imagined. The great thing about a book like this is that we find from time to time Kirkman seems to restart the story. For instance, we found content while the cast lived in the prison. We all know what would happen to be in their situation and to become comfortable. That’s right, the bottom will drop out, folks will die, and the shit will hit the fan then splatter all over the walls. And that’s exactly what happened. Amongst, the shit on the wall we find Rick appearing to be constantly on the fence of sanity. Personally, to remain sane in the world that Rick lives in would in fact be insane. Therefore, I believe Rick is finally being what he needs to be. Rick is a hard-assed mutha’ to the maximum capacity. He is the kind of dude that will bite a chunk out of you if you try to rape his son.

This issue finds Rick, Abraham, and Carl heading back to Rick’s hometown to pick up supplies. Everybody else is camped out waiting on the trio’s return. Along the way we briefly meet a few new guys and then they die. Which raises the question what has one arm but can still kick your ass? We also get a really great conversation between Rick and Abraham; though it was short it seems to be leading to something much greater. I think we might even find that these two guys share more than they think. Not that they will be best friends but they might stop trying to kill each other. In the next issue we shall learn more about our new friend Abraham and maybe finally understand what is going on with him.

*With inspiration from Helm: When the shit has splattered on the walls what are we left with. We are left with a strong aroma in our nostrils and that salty taste of throw up in the back of our mouths. And as the shit starts to slide and settle on the floor, the wall reemerges with a brand new vision for our eye balls to behold. A story left untold for our eyes, nose, and mouth to experience. When we are finished we shall pull up our boots and find our way out of that room of shit but what will be waiting outside. Yep, a whole world of shit to wade through until we reach our journey’s end where we will be turned into shit for future generations to waddle in. But rest assured the slow steady creeping of shit will eventually catch up with us all and when it does we will welcome the idea of being relieved of the running. We shall embrace shit as if it is our life’s blood. For we would be nothing with out it. Smell ya later.-Rob

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