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Sunday, January 18, 2009

From The Dorks’ Soundtrack: (Who says it’s now or never?)

Music from
episode # 50


Rocked by:
88 Fingers Louie

In honor of a beautiful, bouncing baby boy being born Monday evening (No, his name is not Solomon); I choose a song I felt appropriate to him and my bro, the baby’s daddy. I feel a little saddened by the fact I couldn’t choose a song to celebrate Scotty and Darren’s 50th episode. But, as it turns out, depending how you listen to the song in could be appropriate for both occasions. I recommended listening to it both ways. Tell me, can you beat a 2 for 1… of course not. So sit back, listen, enjoy, and revel in a birth and a 50th episode.

This story is set in the windy city. The year was 1993 and some guys thought it would be a good idea to start a band… for fun… for themselves. Turns out they kicked fucking ass! No shit… they kick fucking ass! I believe the fist time I heard 88 was on an underground punk compilation called the River City Rocket. This disc was made in a home unknown, by two punkers that are so punk rock that they aren’t even punks anymore. Anyway, it was love at first hear. A little bit later I got to see a VHS of 88 playing at The Fireside Bowl (is that the place?) and it was amazing. Seeing a band (even on tape) is different than hearing a band. (even on ipods) What I saw was four guys having a kickass time kicking the crowds ass with kickass jams. (Good songs kind of jam not the long solo kind of jam.)

88 is an interesting sound. They range from, rocking pop punk songs to hard fucking core but they spend their time mostly in a healthy mix of them both. I will be the first to tell you I don’t like “hardcore growling can’t understand a word they say if they even use words” type of music. With the exception of the few songs 88 do and a few another band, Reggie and the Full Effect, do. (Really it is Common Denominator but that’s a story for another time.) The genius that is 88 Fingers Louie is that on top of an amazing guitar player (Dan Wlekinski aka"Mr. Precision”), a few great drummers (From Dom and Glenn to John) a rocking bass (Joe Principe) and an undeniable voice (Denis Buckley) their lyrics are very astute. Good on some days, life saving on others. Like most punk bands 88 popped in and out. They lasted from 1993 to 1996 then two years later they lasted from 1998 to 1999. The split resulted in the guys going and doing things like Rise Against, The Story So far, Zero to Sixty, Alkaline Trio, and teaching music to elementary students. Maybe its best for a punk band to get in and out. Tradition tells us that punk bands are good for three maybe four albums then the punk grows up and the rock mellows out. Obviously, there are a few bands that are exceptions to that rule. If nothing else I thank 88 fingers Louie for the many great sing-a-longs we have had throughout the years and will have in the years to come. And, because of you I will always remember to keep my piss off the stage.
-Cap’n Clet

*And yes, you might recognize their name from the Flintstones episode “The Hot Piano” and yes "it’s a living." Just look at the proof. Members

Denis Buckley - Vocals
Dan Wlekinski - Guitar
Joe Principe - Bass
John Carroll - Drums
Dominic Vallone (original drummer)
Glenn Porter


Debut self-distributed EP (unknown title) - 1993
Go Away EP (Fat Wreck Chords) - 1993
Wanted EP (Fat Wreck Chords) - 1993
Totin' 40s and Fucking Shit Up 10" (Rocco Records) - 1994
Behind Bars (Hopeless Records) - 1995
The Teacher Gets It EP (Fat Wreck Chords) - 1997
The Dom Years 10" (Fat Wreck Chords) - 1997
88 Fingers Up Your Ass (Hopeless Records) - 1997
Back on the Streets (Hopeless Records) - 1998
88 Fingers Louie/Kid Dynamite split EP with Kid Dynamite (Sub City Records) - 1999


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