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Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'd like to welcome Dawn to our ranks

Ladies and Gentleman I'd like to welcome a new columnist to our ranks!

It took a long time and a whole lot of nagging but we've finally got a female opinion to share among the sausage-fest that this blog had become (hopefully she'll bring a whole new level of class and quality to our masculine measuring contest). Dawn is not just new to our ranks she's also newer to comics than any of we fair ComicDorks! She's really going to be something of a breath of fresh air for us all. I think that if you are nice she'll keep posting and maybe just maybe she'll start telling us about the books she's been tearing through on her mythic "List" of books to read. Maybe the DorksNation can add some more to her ever growing list of books to catch up on.

Thank you for your time Dawn, thank you for your your time DorksNation ...

We return you to your regularly scheduled programming!

(Let's just hope she's more consistent than Donut *laugh*)

1 comment:

Rob Anytime- Anywhere said...

just popping in to say welcome. i look forward to the never ending praise i get from you for forcing books down your throat. yeah right. think we both know we are about abuse. do me a favor, please don't make me have to do another blog log to explain the new meaning of the word columnist. sursly, though i'm excited to read your thoughts on your comic journey. as long as it's not kneel bob gayman! there is one sandman and his name is wesley. welcome aboard. mmwwwhhhaaaaaaa!