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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Brief Mentions: (The End Has Arrived But We Will Survive, If We Can Be A Little More Apropos And A Little Less of a Goon.)

The Goon
# 31

Everything But Colors – Eric Powell

Colors –Dave Stewart

I realize that I wrote on the Goon, o’ so not that long ago. But, ask me could I live with myself if I didn’t mention the end of a really great year for Goon fans. No I say! I could not. We should all thank Eric Powell and his support crew for all the hard work that was done for the last year as well as the year’s prior. As a Goon fan I am not at all disappointed that the monthly trend will end. A man deserves his own time, even if it means we have to wait on his comic. Now, on to the issue we go.

The Goon # 31 was a perfect ending to last year. This issue started with a bang… literally. We saw just about everyone, not to mention, a slew of dead bodies. We got more of Goon’s past coming back to haunt him and a Franky save. Monsters got their faces chopped off, bombs were dropped, and hearts were broken. Did I mention children being murdered already? The beauty of this issue is, though it concluded “The Year Of The Goon” it most certainly did not end the story. I know… I know… it said the end at the end but he did not get out when he could have. You hear me? To Eric Powell, Dave Stewart, and the rest of the crew, thank you. Enjoy your time off and we will see you in March… right?

Sir Apropos of Nothing # 3

Written By –Peter David

Illustrated By –Robin Riggs

Peter David created a most fascinating character with Apropos. He is the shitty guy that luck looks out for. He holds the fortune of folly. Apropos first appeared in a series by the same title of the comic. (I will provide a link later) Issue # 3 picks up after our hero got thrown out of a twister and saved a gypsy gal from being eaten. Some how he finds himself as a savior of a tribe of gypsies surrounded by a certain pending doom. What would he do now? What any hero would do, he tried to escape. They were out numbered, why would you stay? Read this issue and find out what caused our hero to have a change of heart and how he will squeak out of this pickle. This book has been a lot of fun to read. It seems to be the classic Peter “turn a phrase” David tomfoolery I have come to love a whole bunch. Therefore, I recommend you check out this story as well as the novels.

Sir Apropos of Nothing
Sir Apropos of Nothing, Pocket Books, 2002. ISBN 0-7434-1234-6
The Woad to Wuin, Pocket Star, 2003. ISBN 0-7434-4832-4 Tong Lashing, Pocket Star, 2003. ISBN 0-7434-4912-6

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