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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Living Up To Expectations: Tiny Titans #12

Tiny Titans #12
Written by: Art Baltazar & Franco
Art by: Art Baltazar

It's funny when I think back to the beginnings of The ComicDorksCast and I remember that Darren's first Pick of the Week was Tiny Titans #1 and since then we haven't really talked much about one of the best books to ever bear the DC logo. We talk an awful lot about books that would be too complex or too mature for little kids ... Heck, we read a whole lot of books that are just inappropriate for the "All-Ages" audience. But Tiny Titans is so much more than an "All-Ages" book, it's really and truly a great comic book. Anyone who reads DC comics would love the "Finals Crisis" that occurs in this issue and the in-jokes are abundant for readers of all different levels of familiarity with the DCU. Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani have crafted some of the most fun and funny comic booking in years and I think that it goes unnoticed by so much of the comics reading population that it is downright criminal. Honestly if you are ever looking for a really fun read that can take your mind off of the current craziness going on in the other titles that you are reading and just make you smile and laugh then Tiny Titans really should be a part of your regular reading. This week's issue features one of my favorite covers in recent memory, playing off of the Faces of Evil event that is going on with the rest of the DC line we see Dr. Light, the Science Teacher, Mr. Trigon, the Substitue Teacher, and Mr. Slade, the Principal ... each a formidable character on their own but together they are known as ... The Faces of Mischief. The book goes on to really just be heartwarming and satisfying on each and every page and I think that if we are going to have a next generation of comic readers that it is going to be because of books precisely like this, something that talks to kids on their own level that also manages to be entertaining for the parents who might be saddled with reading the book to their kids. I think that Franco and Art have crafted a near perfect comic book and I look forward to another year of Tiny Titans as they work month in and month out trying to make us all smile. And if you haven't started reading Tiny Titans yet be sure to check out their first Trade Paperback that comes out the first week of February "Welcome to the Treehouse"!

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