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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Whatever You Want: Reporting from the Trenches

While not strictly a post about comic books, this is one about Free Comic Book Day 2009 and the Fantasy Shop's Back Issue Sale. We decided to make the weekend a Big Damn Deal by pulling out all of our warehouse overstock and pricing it to sell at a quarter an issue. In addition to that, regular back issues at the St. Charles location were a dollar a book. If that wouldn't be insanity enough for one weekend, we did this on the same weekend as Free Comic Book Day and got a couple of our favorite super heroes to come out and spend some time with their fans.

Let me just say, it was insanity when I showed up on Saturday. Batman and Wonder Woman were testing people's knowledge of different super hero teams. Comics were being dug through and sorted. Mike got bench pressed by Batman. In short, it was organized chaos. I don't think I have ever condensed that many long boxes of comics in one day in the two years I have worked for the fantasy shop.

We were joined by Wolverine (he's a lot shorter in person than you'd expect).

And a very short Hulk.

A shot of the insanity.

Mike getting bench pressed by Batman. This is why you don't piss off Batman.

A shot of the St. Charles Fantasy Shop employees (minus Rob) with Wonder Woman and Batman.

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