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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Brief Mentions: (From A While Ago, But Aged Like A Fine Wine, Great Stories In Time, And My Bumpin’ Behind.)

Solomon Grundy # 3 (of 7)

Story, Art,
And Cover by: Scott Kolins

Listen up all you hate mongering nay Sayers! This book is A-Ok in my; always right, never wrong, indescribable, incomprehensible genius of a mind. First off, how cool is it that we are getting a Grundy mini done by Kolins. Second, I hear you and recognize the resemblance between Grundy and another gray, well eventually green, smashing character over their at Marvel. Again, I am cool with that because Jack’s friend Grundy just can’t be beat. But Thirdly, this is not just a Grundy story. The flashback and Cyrus Gold panels seem to be the beauty behind this story. Here is a man desperate to stop his horrid curse and having a hell of a time doing it. Though, that could be his saving grace, looking at his life before becoming Grundy he should be good at the whole hell thing.

Issue # 3 gave us more history, more beaten down Cyrus, and more destruction. We got some Poison Ivy, who ran her game, and oh what game she has. It's game called “poison smacker, yet oh so sexy kissy poo” and I assure you it will not be as good for you as it will be for her. I got to say that the flashbacks in these issues are brilliant. Usually, when I get Grundy it is Grundy (and he is usually smashing things… nay sayers.) not Cyrus. Not to mention, that Kolins does an excellent job and intertwining the past and the present in a well-balanced and very enjoyable fashion. He obviously knows what he is doing. I mean he even let’s us see the greatest Green Lantern, yup… the first one Alan “muthafuckin” Scott. (Hear that Dayron, you haterade guzzlin' fool!) Don’t get me wrong Hal is kicking ass, as well as, a few of the other members of the different color spectrum of Lanterns. Scott Kolins is a great talent, so needless to say Solomon Grundy is a book you probably should look into. And if you are all ready checking it out, don’t let your expectations of getting the greatest Grundy story to end all Grundy stories get in the way of you enjoying a really cool book. And in closing I would like to say… Bart Fargo, eat a dick. Actually, eat a whole bag of dicks.

Seaguy: Slaves of Mickey Eye # 2 (of 3)

Writer: Grant Morrison

Artist: Cameron Stewart

Colorist: Dave Stewart

To be honest, when the first issue of this story came out I debated whether or not to pick it up. I had bought the first series way back when it was coming out so in that regard as a complete-ist, elite-ist, and a comic book enjoyer it made since to pick it up. The other side of the coin is that the recent events involving Morrison over at DC let me a little jaded at the idea of trying to decipher a wacky dude’s thoughts. It turns out that when a wacky dude writes in his own wacky universe it is okay, even fun to read. I believe the difference between Seaguy and the DC stuff is that I’m reading about characters that I only know of because of this book, not characters I have known and loved for years. Seaguy has definitely been fun to read and if you look close enough you will see word bubbles that contain one word… “Chubby!”

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