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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sneak Peek Reviews: 05/05/09

Final Crisis Aftermath: RUN! #1

Written by: Matthew Sturges

Art by: Freddie Williams II

Lately the name Matthew Sturges has been synonymous with excellent comics. When I heard that he was going to be penning one of the Final Crisis Aftermath books I was equal parts excited and nervous for him. I mean this is sort of a bigger stage than a lot of his work has been on in the past. Final Crisis (whether you loved it or hated it) was a huge story line for DC last year and the Aftermath books have the established love from some fans and the established hate from other fans both working for and against them. Someone who didn't love Final Crisis might still pick up RUN! #1 because they want to see what happens to the man behind the death of The Martian Manhunter, someone who loved Final Crisis might be picking up RUN! #1 because they want to see how things have changed for the characters who had been under the influence of the Justifier helmets. But either way there is a lot to live up to or live down when it comes to fan reaction when it comes to these books. I think that anyone familiar with Sturges incredible work on Jack of Fables, Blue Beetle, & House of Mystery is going to be enthralled by this book. It has a lot of the tell tale markings of a Sturges book. And at the same time those who aren't familiar with Sturges' previous work are going to really get a kick out of the kind of sense of humor and sense of pacing and storytelling that Sturges brings to his books. Freddie Williams II is really kicking butt on this mini-series as well. His art work is always improving and the case is no different here. I really think that he was a great choice to illustrate this story and when you read it I think you'll know why. There was one coloring gaff (Firestorm is colored as being white or perhaps light skinned but Jason Rusch [the current Firestorm] is a fairly dark-complected young black man [and one of my favorite {and woefully overlooked} characters of recent memory] but aside from that I think that the issue was really brilliant through and through. I highly recommend it and hope that you'll check it out when you hit the shop tomorrow.

New Mutants #1

Written by: Zeb Wells

Art by: Diogenes Neves

You ever have one of those childhood experiences that makes it hard for you to use good judgment about particular sections of geek culture. I have a few. One of them is New Mutants. There was something about the first couple of issues of New Mutants that I picked up that really stuck with me. There was something about the thought of Xavier Academy being an actual school and having classes and students that just thrilled me to the bone. And so whenever Marvel launches a new, New Mutants title I have to check it out, no matter what my gut tells me about it. Zeb Wells isn't one of my favorite writers. He and I had a good first experience together with his book from Virgin Comics "Snake Woman" I really dug that. But since then I have thought that most of his work has been pretty average. But like I said, it's New Mutants. Either issue #64 or #38 was my first issue of New Mutants (either way it was bought out of a back issue box) ... and like I said there was something about it. Zeb Wells manages to get on my good side with this issue, I think he captured the characters pretty well and I think that the story might be interesting as it unfolds. Diogenes Neves is pretty darn good as well. I think that anyone who is a fan of the Louise Simonson era of New Mutants is probably going to enjoy this issue and likely this series. So, prepare for a blast from the past as pre-Liefeld New Mutants are about to get all up in your business!

Sword of My Mouth #1

Written by: Jim Munroe

Art by: Shannon Gerard

A good long while ago I read a really great graphic novel called “Therefore Repent!” it was written by Jim Munroe and drawn by Salgood Sam. It was a really brilliant and rather touching book that takes place after The Rapture. Reading that got me to check out some of Jim Munroe's novels and I really dug those as well. So when I heard that he was going to be doing a mini-series to follow up Therefore Repent! I got excited. And my excitement was well aimed. “Therefore Repent!” introduced the concept that in a world after The Rapture, in a world no longer looked upon by God that Magic would work. It seems like a dreadfully simple idea but it really took me by surprise and made me love the book. Sword of My Mouth takes place in post-Rapture Detroit and focuses on a mother who is raising her young infant son without the help of the child's father. There is something dreadfully simple about the book but at the same time that simplicity strikes me as brilliant. I really, really liked this first issue and I can honestly say that I am really excited to see where this goes. I think that a lot of people might like this series and should check out “Therefore Repent!” you can read the first 60 pages here
http://tinyurl.com/64lcvc and you can order it through your favorite local Fantasy Shop! I also recommend that you check out Jim Munroe's website nomediakings.org.

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