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Monday, May 18, 2009

Whatever You Want: Emiko Superstar

Emiko Superstar

By: Mariko Tamaki and Steve Rolston

I randomly picked out a Minx book for this week's whatever you want article. It just so happened to be something that I can totally relate to. Emiko is an outsider among everyone her age, a dork even among the dorks. Instead of going to the finance summer camp with them, she resigns herself for a boring summer of work. She gets a job as a baby-sitter after being the whip girl at a coffee shop. On a shopping trip to spend her ill-gotten gains, Emiko sees an art freak dancing and passing out fliers for a place called the Freak Show. After a couple of tries, she does manage to convince herself to go inside. She watches a bunch of performance art and meets a guy named Henry, who asks her if she is a performer. Without thinking, she answers yes and finds out that there is an open mic night for new performers.

After a false start at becoming a performer, she finds the diary of the lady she is baby-sitting for. Without much hesitation, she copies down all of the stuff in the diary and uses it as her performance art. Her summer takes a wild spin as she becomes accepted at the Freak Show and learns that everyone has problems fitting in, freaks to normal people.

I can totally relate to Emiko. She's shy and awkward and just a bit out of step with her peers. I was that girl in high school. Unlike Emiko, I didn't get the outlet of the Freak Show to express myself. I enjoyed the hell out of this book; Poppy reminds me a lot of some of my friends, all flash and glitz until you get to know them. I understand now why Scotty has been trying so hard to get me to read books from the Minx line. If all of them are this entertaining, I will be reading them all.

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