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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Blog Log # 2 (Out of the Milk Crates… and into a box)

Batman: Legends Of
The Dark Knight # 168

Story by: Bill Willingham

Art: Tom Fowler

So, last night folks, I was trying to make space in my crates. To do so I must resort to doing something I hate, putting comics in boxes. Before ya’ll get pissy at me understand that this is my own personal belief. Do what you want but I like to gaze at my crates for hours, until I start to think about the kind of car I could own with all the money I spend on my funny book habit. But I always say, “why spend money to drive when you can spend money for other people take you for a ride.” (Clearly I just proved that I am a genius and you should hang on my every word.) The point being, how can I bask in the glory of my comics if they are in dark and lonely boxes? …Don’t judge me! …Don’t you dare judge me!

Now, let us get to the real reason I felt the need to drop this blog log on you. (Poop… Joke… Funny.) While, shuffling my books around I took a gang of Batman issues out of the crates and buried them away in a cardboard coffin until I find a house that is made out of shelves. In the process I found a handful of Legends of the Dark Knight, which included a one-issue story called Urban Legend. I thought, “Holy shitty drawers Batman Legends of the Dark Knight I forgot all about you.” Obviously, I had to sit down and read it again. This issue is out of 2003. Now, I can smell the future but it comes at a price. My memory suffers every time I use my power. Blessing or curse, you be the judge? Well, I can tell you folks that when I read this story it felt like it was the first time and it was a real joy. It is not Willingham’s only great work at DC but one of my favorites. In one issue he wrote a fun story involving some action, some drama, some surprises, and some humor… of course. Seriously, Batman told a joke that made me laugh out loud… belly jiggling… moobies waving and all.

Not to mention, this book could have shown me a glimpse in to my future. Willingham did this by writing a good guy with a loving wife and a fulfilling life. (You smell that? It’s sarcasm.) And what to name a character like that? How about Rob? (Real cool… real cool… cool guy.) Now that I think about it; this issue was one of them issues I could relate to. It brought back memories of the good old days of waking up and wondering why my car is parked in my neighbors front yard, who all I need to apologize to, and why I’m peeing like I didn’t have sex? Needless to say, this issue is definitely worth hunting down. So I say to you comic hunters everywhere. There is a new prey and it’s open season all year round. You will recognize it by its awesomeness and that picture at the top of this post.

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