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Thursday, May 21, 2009

What I’m Reading Now: Barry Ween Boy Genius… Related to Dean or Gene?

The Adventures of Barry Ween: Boy Genius

Written By: Judd Winick

Art By: Judd Winick

This is more of a nostalgic post. When I was getting into comics, I stuck close to familiar titles: basically anything from the big two. Superman, Batman and X-Men were the titles that were frequent on my pull and hold list. One of the first titles that strayed from the comfortable was The Adventures of Barry Ween: Boy Genius. This was a title that really showed me that companies such as Oni-Press and other companies had a lot to offer. This book also made me a life long fan of Judd Winick – his words and his art. Barry Ween was very early in Judd Winick’s comic career. The title explains to overall plot of the story. Barry Ween, very much in the fashion of Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory, is a boy genius whose inventions often cause him to get into trouble. Winick interweaves adventure and comedy to create a comic that should be on every serious comic reader’s shelf. Garth Ennis has this to say about this series:

“Barry Ween is Calvin & Hobbes on PCP with a copy of Mein Kampf thrown into the mix. Barry will take comics by storm and tomorrow the world!”

See! Look at that. Calvin & Hobbes, Drugs and Nazis… what else do you what? Winick’s website has talked about a return to Barry Ween in 2010 but for now we have four great books of action, adventure and comedy. Last Wednesday, Oni-Press released
The Big Book of Barry Ween: Boy Genius, which collects all four books and every panel of Barry Ween ever written. I think that’s enough said.

There's Winick drawing Barry Ween himself*

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