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Sunday, June 1, 2008

What Do You Mean They're Not Superheroes?: Lucero

I have only recently begun to really appreciate live music. That is something a lot of people who know me can't really wrap their heads around. I have somewhere around 1700 CDs and am something of a addicted collector of music. But for a long time concerts just meant going to a smokey bar or annoyingly large venue where I would only be able to hear the instruments and not the singer ... but sometime around the time when I went to go see my friend's band The Bureau play at Mississippi Nights (one of the best concert venues I have ever been in ... and it will most certainly missed). Shortly thereafter I started attending a whole lot of concerts in the Saint Louis and Columbia venues ... but mostly all bands I was already rather familiar with. Part of me still thinks that a first experience with a band should be with an album, something that the band has taken their time with and one where they have had the chance to perfect the sound. So, when our good friend Rob told me that I had to go to The Creepy Crawl to see Lucero play I was just a little bit hesitant. But. I had nothing else to do on Friday night and I have started to think that maybe I should start expanding the kinds of shows that I attend. So, when I showed up at The Creepy Crawl and heard the first of two really crappy opening bands play I started to think that maybe Rob had lead me down the wrong path. By the time that Rob and his friends had arrived I was still a little wary, but I had paid my $12 so I figured that I should stick around and at least give the band a shot.

I am glad I did.

Lucero is what happens when Punk meets Country. (The opposite, or when Country meets Punk would more accurately be described as the sound you get from Hank Williams III)

And if you think that sounds weird then you don't understand how close the spirits of Country and Punk truly are. Lucero sings songs about love and loss and war and guitars. They drink heavy and learn what is necessary to make music and little more. What is called Punk and what is called Country on the radio these days isn't what either genre truly is. This was one of the most spirited shows I have ever attended, the fans were feverish and empassioned. The band was incredible and I cannot possibly reccomend more strongly that you get out there and find some of Lucero's music. They will make you cry ... in a good way.

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