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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Blog Log # 2 (Uh oh it's magic. When I'm with you. Uh oh it's magic. Just a little magic you know its true. I got a hold on you.)

In the shadows lurk a pact. We will call them um... Shadowpact. Shadowpact is a team that bands together to fight against magical/mystical evils.(out of the back of a bar but not just any bar!) Satan knows there's enough of that mumbo jumbo going on out there.(i just felt a needle twisting in my side. hope my doll has chops as big as the snaz. that's right the snaz that can smell the future. this blog log turns out fantastic.) This sweet little book is brought to us by Bill Willingham ( also an art appearence by Billy Willy in the first issue) and the fine people of DC. (cough! cough! they cancelled another good book cough! cough!) Keep in mind this is one of those Willingham books that Sturges (that's Matthew) takes over, which, we are seeing happen a bit as of late. Maybe a bit more than just a bit, I am not here to judge. Now don't get it twisted, Matty picks up right where Billy leaves off. Not only that, I feel he takes these books and continues to rock them. Art on this book (ok, I'm not gonna list them all) was done by a slew of folks. Shadowpact consists of Detective Chimp (eat your heart out Bruce), Blue Devil (guy with a funny origin story), RagMan (guy with funnier origin story. issue #8, one of the best single issues i've read in a while.) NightMaster (guy) Enchantress (a dame), NightShade (another dame and a dark one ta boot. mood not skin color you racial profilin' fools), Rex (the best friend a Blue Devil could ever have and totally named after a Townes song.) and a dude named Flipper (his real name will never be mentioned by me. HE SHALL BE FLIPPER FOREVER!!!) amongst many more my memory fails to remember at this moment. Don't go thinking that there are no other great characters in this short tale of misfits destined to fail. This book is riddled with DC's finest and as far as failing? Guess you'll just have to read it for yourself. I must mention one last thing. Thanks to all you schmucks that didn't buy this book. (are you to blame?) We toatally suck! That's right I only bought the last few issues. You see the Fantasy Shop has these things called back issue sales. These sales are like heaven for poor comic lover's. Check out the website for the dates of the next one. http://www.fantasyshoponline.com/ So I am also part of the problem. I'm sure we will see these characters pop up elsewhere in the DCU. (any Detective fans out there? you know what i'm talking about.) So there you have it. See it did turn out fantastic. (SNIFF! SNIFF! wouldn't you like to know. all i'll say is beware)- your pal, Rob
(looky there I got a picture! I be advancin!)

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