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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Blog Log # 2 (I'm not who you think I am... BUB!)

I would like to start by saying I'm sorry. I have been slacking a bit lately on the blog logs. I will try to do better, at least catch up to Darren's pace on articles. (yep... cheap shot!
don't be scared to hit back lil guy. all in good fun. all about self enjoyment. all about me trying to get you to like me.) Now prepare yourself for my list of excuses. 1) been trying to wrap up an album, while trying to learn pro tools at the same time.(bit frustrating at times & leaves me bit uninspired to write) 3) been reading a lot of comics with the lil free time I've been getting.( A few things I've read are Seven Soldiers by Grant Morrison and a variety of artists including the wonderful Ryan Sook and J H Williams. Agents of Atlas by Jeff Parker with pencils by Leonard Kirk and fantastic covers by Tomm Coker. The Umbella Academy TP- consult the show for more info. The Vinyl Undergroud TP-again with the show. Currently, I'm half way through the third HC of Ultimate Spider-man.) One thing I have read recently that blew me away is Greg Rucka's re-launch of Wolverine. I admit, originally I bought this book when it went to Marvel Knights @ issue #13.(more a Rucka fan than a Wolverine fan) Rucka had this book from issue #1 thru #19. I picked up #1-#12 @ the last back issue sale the Fantasy Shop had.(one more week til the next one) This run consists of the stories; Brotherhood(art by Darick Robertson), a touching stand alone in a bar with Father Kurt (Robertson), Coyote Crossing (art by Leandro Fernandez), a stand alone titled Dream (Robertson returns), and Return of the Native (still Robertson). These stories lead into Millar and JR Jr's run. Rucka made me feel like a fool for not picking this up as it came out, but then again the sale allowed me to get them for super cheap. This was a story where Logan is the kinda of Logan I love. A little bit Punisher like, if you will, Frank with claws instead of guns in a twisted version of Easy Rider. (yeah that hippy film) Little did I know these issues, that I ignored would end up crushing Enemy of the State and that Agent story. Greg Rucka proved once again why he is one of my favorite writers in comics. If you love good comics and don't know about Rucka you best get to it. If you have any questions on where to start your love for Rucka shoot us and e- mail we would be glad to be part of your Rucka exploration. That's is it for now folks.- Rob


crystal_crush21 said...

I bought some of these issues for my brother. 'Spose I need to steal 'em back.

Rob Anytime- Anywhere said...

i just realized that pic of rucka looks just like my best friend. the world famous Joe Metro.right down to the supes pin and lip hair.