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Friday, June 6, 2008

Words & Stuff: Behind Every Great Spider-man There's a Great Woman

There are twenty different Spider-man books. Some of these I’m sure you know of such as The Amazing Spider-man, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man, and Ultimate Spider-man but there’s one book that some Spider-man fans have never considered: Spider-man Loves Mary Jane. Instead of a book about action and fighting it is a book about gossip and heartache. I know what you’re thinking, “Wait Darren, aren’t you a guy?” And yes, yes I am but this book offers a lot to all ages both males and females. Spider-man Loves Mary Jane is written by Sean McKeever (Gravity, Countdown) and is penciled by Takeshi Miyazawa (Runaways) and David Hahn (Bite Club). Instead of being focused on Spider-man the book is about the woman behind the man, Mary Jane Watson. The book follows Mary Jane’s life as she goes through high school. Other characters also appear in this book such as Flash Thompson, Harry Osborn, and of course Peter Parker. Mary Jane faces many conflicts throughout this story not so much fighting and more along of the lines of trying to get on the lead for the school play. A great aspect of this comic is that you get to see a side of Peter Parker’s life that is previously unexplored. It gives an in depth look at the one of the most famous couples in comic history. Another important detail about this book is that it is outside the Mainstream Marvel continuity. In this story there are small differences between the main storyline. One example is that Mary Jane lives with her parents instead of her aunt. Spider-man also appears throughout the story and interacts with Mary Jane. Sean McKeever also develops mannerisms that can be seen in both seen in Peter Parker and Spider-man but Mary Jane never seems to notice. Overall this book is a great story, which gives a great escape from the common superhero book. There are currently six trades out in stores and one hardcover (the second one coming out in August). Also the series is taking on a new creative team starting in August consisting of Terry Moore (Strangers in Paradise, Echo) and Craig Rousseau (Perhapanauts). I urge everyone to go and read this book and to meet the woman behind the Spider-man.


Rob Anytime- Anywhere said...

does your boyfriend like it too?

crystal_crush21 said...

I really enjoyed 'Spider-man Loves Mary Jane' from the first issue. Before it was released I was already a fan of Takeshi Miyazawa's art so this series was just what I was waiting for.

Can't wait to have it signed by Sean McKeever @ WWC con!

And, Rob, harshness, lol.