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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Blog Log # 2 (The Greater Tater or Don't Blame the Dealer, If You Can't Lay Your Cards Down Right)

howdjido, howdydueceldoodledooji, howdjidoo! Just wanted to give ya'll some advice on how to spend your hard earned cash. Go to the I tunes store (where you subscribed to the awesome show you listen to every week now. You know, by those Y list celebs. Darren is in a band so we climbed off the Z list,thank you Darren!) and purchase Ryan Spearman's "Take Any Road." I believe I paid 11 bucks and some change for this, pretty cheap for a disc these days. This album (yep, i still use the term album... so what!) is absoulutely the definition of what good ol' American music should sound like. I'm not gonna get in to his back story, because he has a wonderful web page where you can learn all about the man, the myth, and the legend. While your on his page you will notice a forum (which is the most genius forum known to man), feel free to join in or at least enjoy his music while on his site.(yeah you can hear songs that aren't on the cd you just bought) http://www.ryanspearman.net/ So do you want a little taste of Spearman yet? I am sitting here listening to "Take Any Road" with a big ol' grin and spontaneous chills up the spine.(from the songs not the grave danceing) What I hear is a heathly mix of traditionals and originals, at times original traditionals.(has anyone coined the phrase original traditionals yet? if not those rights are mine. original traditionals are public domain songs that you play in your own style and in turn make them your own.) With the originals... Ryan is one of those people who was born to do a specific thing. He has no choice. He didn't choose this world, this world chose him. This world chose him to write songs and write songs is what he does. (I believe there may be a style of song writing named Ryan Spearman. The catch is, no one else can duplicate it.) Not only that, he writes songs that makes me not able to write songs. Know what I mean? Did you buy the cd yet? Good then you know about his pickin' and fiddlin' too. In closing, I would like to thank you for buying Ryan' s album. A lil while back I wrote about doing your part. You guys read that blog log? If not listen, there are people out there doing amazing shit and not getting any love.(love here means money) Ryan deserves your love! A lot of your love! Maybe, all of your love!( i deserve your love. i'm cool with just a little bit, i don't need the whole shebang) Think about how much money we give to... well, any fast food chains, gas stations, overpriced music stores, and well... yeah... bars. So If you haven't bought "Take Any Road" yet, here is what you do. Next time your all like let's go out and party, fa getta bout it! Buy a case of beer, fifth of whiskaney, bottle of wine, twelve pack of Dr. Pepper, or what ever your crutch is. Then, purchase Ryan Spearman "Take Any Road" and realize what you have been missing out on. After all that, go back to http://www.ryanspearman.net/ and check out the discs he has in his store. You will thank me later, so your welcome. In closing, ( i know i said that already... like a half hour ago. don't judge me!) I want to thank Ryan for helping me come to terms with the whole "I gotta get outta this state...maaaan" rut, with the most comforting words I have ever heard. To paraphrase,"Missouri is the only place Jesse James ever felt safe." Not so bad any more is it? (remember, the heart of any town is in the people that you know. just don't get gunned down.) So all that's left to say is, do what I say and do it now!- Captain Cletus for more info check out http://www.ryanspearman.net/ and www.myspace.com/tatercooks

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