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Monday, July 7, 2008

ComicDorksCast Episode 022

Download Directly:
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(Sound Quality on this episode is not great ... Scott's Headset needs to be replaced)
Running Time: 01:09:32

  • 00:04:40 - Scott loved the drug fueled haze of Batman #678
  • 00:10:05 - Rob's Pick of the Week: House of Mystery #3
  • 00:16:45 - Warren Ellis' Astonishing X-Men #25 surprised and pleased The Dorks
  • 00:27:05 - Scott's Pick of the Week - Jonah Hex #33
  • 00:32:47 - Economy of action still leaves quite an impact with Walking Dead #50
  • 00:42:46 - Darren's Pick of the Week - Hellboy: The Crooked Man #1
  • 00:49:40 - Rob's Best Issue of Last Month: Batman Confidential #18
  • 00:51:18 - Darren's Best Issue of Last Month: Invinincible #50
  • 00:54:03 - Scott's Best Issue of Last Month: Manhunter #31
  • 00:55:33 - Brief Mentions
  • 01:00:13 - Scott's Anticipated books for July 10th
  • 01:01:19 - Darren's Anticipated books for July 10th
  • 01:03:14 - Rob's Anticipated books for July 10th

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The Music at the opening and closing of the show was: "Way Down In The Hole" by Tom Waits.

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