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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Blog Log #2 (Satan called and said send a sweater.)

… AND NOW FOR THE QUOTE OF THE CENTURY!!! Just today I received a message (the textual kind) that shook the world. My idol, Scotty Don’t caused a vibration in my pocket that crept right into my heart. You see, Scotty and I have a pretty heavy textual relationship. (He could be the king of text. Guess he just knows all the right buttons to push.) So there I am working hard at my job... talking comics (that’s what hump day is like at a comic book store) and I notice a tingling sensation on the thigh. As if that wasn’t good enough I open my phone to see words, a bunch of words, I don’t know what they were because the only two that mattered were the last two. They read “… YOU WIN.” ‘Nuff said, know what I mean.

Sursly, Scotty you totally fucking rock. All the hard work you put into this whole operation is greatly appreciated. Our new digs look fanphuckintastic. I mean you even edit the shows to a point where I almost sound like I know what I’m talking about. No easy feat, I’m sure. So all you people out there bow down to the glory of Scott, my personal hero. Scotty… you may have been added to the list of people who's nuts we are on, but still... I WIN!

DID YOU GUYS SEE THE COMICDORKS STORE YET? IF NOT CHECK IT OUT! Fuck Justin, we are bringing sexy back!!!

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