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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


All right… I may have heard someone say something once that blew my mind. Someone I respect a great deal. Someone whose wisdom I try to soak up like the sponge that I am. A handsome man, a handsome man indeed. Damn sexy to be frank. Anyway to paraphrase, he may have said something along the lines of, “What Kirkman is doing with Invincible is what Bendis wishes he could do with Ultimate Spider- Man. Invincible is a much better book than Ultimate Spider- Man! Plus, everybody in Invincible isn’t drawn like they have a thumb jammed right up their ass.” This someone may or might not even like superhero comics? Like I always say, “ I’m not here to judge.” (Please don’t can me for this. I really love my job and would not do anything to mess this wonderful dream up. I LUV U!)

Now let’s get down to brass tacks. I have just read Ultimate Spider- Man’s beautiful hard covers, volumes 1 through 9. My journey began at issue #1 and led me on an emotional roller coaster all the way to issue # 111. Along the way I got a ½ issue, a couple annuals, the Ultimate Six miniseries, and all sorts of other bells and whistles. (Including a conversation regarding Venom) I would recommend throwing Ultimate Marvel Team- Up in there too. Resting betwixt hardcover volume #2 and #3 is my Team-Up hardcover. (Don’t hate me because my collection is beautiful!) Team-Up contains some stories and appearances that I feel are essential to the bigger picture. Here it comes, my reply to that special someone I spoke of earlier. (every word was as true as true can be) Due to the fact that Bendis is restricted to certain limitations, such as, rewriting the beginning of a character that has been well established for many years, you are right, he isn’t able to do what Kirkman can. The thing is, despite these limitations Bendis writes a story that is every bit as good (if not better) than Invincible. I will not weigh in on which one is better, call me a coward if you want. Both titles are great and can exist on Earth together in harmony. Secondly, the eyes may answer the whole thumb debacle, but I liked Bagley’s pencils on this book.

For anyone unfamiliar with the Ultimate Universe it is basically re-launching all our favorite Marvel characters into the 21st century. Ultimate Spider-Man was brought to us by Bill Jemas (who left Bendis to carry on), Brian Michael Bendis, Mark Bagley, and Art Thibert. This book is absolutely fantastic. You will know what I mean when you begin to cry then turn around and laugh your ass off. These pages are filled with all your favorite characters that you have known and loved… but maybe, slightly different. A quick and exciting read I might add. I don’t want to get into too much of the story because I would hate to ruin this book for anyone. Including you folks who still have a bitter taste in your mouth after the One More Day thing. This book will slap that taste right out yo mouth! Ultimate Spider- Man is the type of book all people of different sorts would dig. It has action. It has the teen angst we all know so well. It has drama. It has comedy. (Obviously, we are talking about Peter here.) It has priceless crossovers. It has cup holders. It has central air. It even has a kitchen sink. Bottom line… give this book a read! If you don’t love it, my name isn’t Cleterus. Oh yeah…Bagley, props on realizing Bendis is the perfect Kong. - Rob
- still waiting on my money Bendis... whaddup dude?

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