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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Blog Log #2 (Why you such a hater, Bendis?)

So, I am just sitting here enjoying some Ultimate Spider-Man (this books is great, great, great!) and what do I see? Bendis talking trash. I know half his name is dis, but come on. You don’t even know me. Well… at least I don’t know you. Where is all this hate coming from? What I am speaking of comes out of issue #69. Bendis uses Johnny Storm to deliver his insults (I spoke with Johnny and he is not happy at all. Go ahead Bendis ask him what happened.) Anyway Johnny is talking to Peter and MJ and these words (no not words we will call them mouth turds) these mouth turds spew from his mouth, “Oh, you mean that obnoxious fat guy’s website? What’s his name? Cletus.” Very cute Bendis, very cute indeed. Acting like you can’t remember my name and the crack about being fat. Come on Tubbs, whaddup? I know what you are going to say. “ I wrote that issue like three years ago!” Well mister that just isn’t good enough. We all know about your ability to see the future. Give it up! The secrets out! It is because of this ability that you are probably afraid. Bet you didn’t know I could be so savage. What’d you see? Me being savage, right? I demand satisfaction! I want an apology and twenty bucks. You know what I will go ahead and except your apology right now. Where’s my money, man? I needs some Dr. Pepper. But for real, next time you got something to say, say it to my face. Don’t go around using super heroes for your dirty work (makes you look like a punk. maybe even a punk bitch.) You think I got time to go around destroying heroes all day. Well... I don’t. All right Bendis, get at me about my money and we can try and pick up the pieces. -Captain Cletus

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