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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Words & Stuff: Strangers in Paradise Leaves an Echo

In 1993, Terry Moore created a comic series that will forever be held dear in the hearts of comic readers worldwide. It is a story of two friends as they deal with ordinary and extraordinary situations, which molds each other’s lives. It is a story of love and heartbreak, action and espionage, as two friends search for their true place in life. This 14-year work is Strangers in Paradise (SiP). This is the journey of Helen Francine Peters and Katina Marie Choovanksi (Katchoo) as they search through life only to find that they were all each other ever needed. This work has a great cast and in-depth plot structures, which weave throughout the entire series. It also contains well-written poetry and moving song lyrics that greatly enhance and portray the emotions of these dynamic characters. This series also catalogs Terry Moore’s artwork, as it seems to get better and better with each turn of the page. SiP can turn the most masculine man into a weeping girl with its shocking scenes and unexpected plot twists. As you get to see these characters grow and mature you feel like you’ve known them your whole lives and often find yourself mirroring their emotions. SiP has won numerous awards including the Eisner and the GLAAD award for best comic series. But all good things come to an end and on June 6 2007, Francine and Katchoo’s journey ended.
So what comes next? Where do SiP fans go from here? Terry Moore did a 3-issue series on DC’s Birds of Prey and small other works here or there but no work that could possibly measure up to the status of SiP. Well, where one story ends another begins and On March 5, 2008, Terry Moore unleashed his new on-going series, Echo. Echo is about Julie Martin, a young photographer who discovers a high-tech military battle suit, which becomes attached to her skin. Though the initial explanation of this new series may seem a far cry from the tender and down-to-earth story of SiP, it actually holds many of the same elements. Though it is filled with science fiction and government espionage, Terry Moore continues to produce solid story telling and emotional and dynamic characters, which keeps you enthralled from cover to cover. His artwork is at its peek as he fills every page with great detail and emotion and his dialogue is smooth and still holds elements of humor as SiP did. Though Echo #2 just came out this week, it is quickly climbing the charts as the best comic being made. I encourage you, your friends, and your grandmothers to read this book because comic and non-comic readers alike can enjoy it. Though Strangers in Paradise will always have a special place in my heart, Echo is quickly taking up residence.

For Moore information visit - www.strangersinparadise.com/

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