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Friday, April 11, 2008

Blog Log #2 (Do You Know Jack?)

Hey, Hey, Hey its fat Robert!
If you have not guessed it, I am the new guy with the sweet sweet voice who has teamed up with "Dyn-O-Mite" Darren Does and "The Succulent" Scotty Don't on ComicDorkscast. I would like to apologize for you not being able to hear me talk this (you know my voice sends a chill up you spine, for better or worse) but rather read it with spelling and grammar errors. Spell and grammar check yo'self befo you wreck yo'self foooool! Anyway strap in cause my first blog will now begin. (Is this a blog? If so there goes my blog v-card, so be gentle)
I feel it is my duty ( go ahead and laugh i said duty) to do my best to help comic readers get a chance to read the best stories possible, therefore, you should know Jack.
Once upon a time there were these guys; James Robinson, Tony Harris, Archie Goodwin, Ted Knight, David Knight, Jack Knight, Mr.(you should know as the one and only Sandman,) Wesley Dodds. (I know all you Gaiman lovers out there are all confused now, but its the same guy mention in the first issue of the Sandman you know, recognize!) and Mrs. Dodds, the O'Hares, The Shade, and many of the greatest folks of the DCU all got together to teach comic readers what reading comic books is all about, while cramming 40 odd years of DC history all wrapped up in one sweet little story. Sounds too good too be true? Find out for yourself.
Luckily, the month of May will give you that chance. STARMAN in hardcover format with all the bells and whistles someone forgot to include in the trades. Sorry to all the folks that bought all the trades, got to the end and wanted more STARMAN. The good news is there is more STARMAN you never got to read, the better news is you can buy the story again, the even better news is it is worth spending the extra money on this to get the story as the creators intended it to be told. This is a story everyone who every enjoyed a comic at one time in their life whether you like superhero stories or not. This is for anybody who has seen a movie they loved, heard a song that told a story they loved. In short the universe as a whole needs to read this story. I lay my most important rep and all my street cred on everything I have just said. Enough! But rest assured there will be more STARMAN praise to come. Now lets get to this weeks comics. A good week indeed, but my highlite is reading the DC books and turning the page to find a glorious ad for STARMAN. Tune in to the podcast so we can finish this conversation, totally one sided just the way I like it. That's it for now.

***Are you happy now Scotty, can you get off my back now!!!- love, Rob

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