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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Blog Log # 2 (Eisner Nominees Response)

Howdy friends! I'm understanding how great blogging is. I can say whatever I want without stopping to hear other people's points, that would show the world I don't know what I'm talking about. So, sit tight cause this hack is about to drop some knowledge. I would like to start by saying I don't really know what the Eisners are based on, quality or quanity. Are they like the Grammys? Anyway my winner for best single issue is Justice League #11. We are talking about Meltzer and Ha telling a heart wrenching story about Red Arrow and Vixen trapped in a crumbled building. This is the first issue that a member of the League finds out that Vixen can borrow powers from superheroes. I would like to say again Meltzer and Ha, Ha and Meltzer any way you slice it it's a beautiful thing. Best continuing series goes to The Boys by Ennis and Robertson. It would have been Y but I gave them best limited, even though they are not on that list. Y the Last man wins best limited because it is wrapped up, therefore no longer continuing. The best new series is up to you because I read nothing on the list( to keep Scott and Darren happy I will vote Scalped). Best Anthology goes to Captain America Omnibus (not on the list). Is there any doubt? Best writer is a tough one. On one hand you got Brubaker writing a lot of Marvel stuff, that has more limits than creator owned, and doing a great job. I will use one word to seal the deal Criminal. On the other hand Brian K. Vaughan ( Ex Machina, Y, yep even Lost) who let's his work speak for it's self. Joss got cut due to the fact it takes forever and a day to get an issue written by him. Best Digital, tune into the last week of this month's podcast to her my thoughts on this. It oughta be grand. Best writer/artist where the hell is Matt Wagner or Eric Powell on this list, I feel ashamed. Best penciller/inker/ inker team goes to Eric Powell because of Chinatown. The whole book was amazing and looked like a dream come true. The Goon breakdown was enough but Powell didn't stop there. Best Painter/ Multimedia artist is another tough one. The Epting team, Pia Guerra team, and Ethan Van Sciver are all great and well deserving of this award(or at least my love). Last and least is special recognition. Again, I'm ignorant to all names on this list,(this is where I turn in into but not least) so I nominate Scotty Don't for all his work, podcasts, and for generally being awesome. Darren you were a close second, sorry buddy. There you have it. I guess i should say there I have it. Til next time, Rob

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A_Train said...

um you made up alot of that by the way rob, and to comment from the last podcast..who has been buying sleeper trades? i think i head your word well enough, and to give you a heads up, after sleeper we're gunna see what else you have for me to jump into...(im thinking a starman omnibus is in my future)