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Monday, June 1, 2009

From the Dorks’ Soundtrack: A Breath of Fresh AIR.


Album: The Virgin Suicides

Song: Playground Love

One of the greatest aspects about music is it’s eclectic nature. When my iTunes is on shuffle one moment you could be listening to Mos Def’s The New Danger then the next you could be listening to the sufferings of Big Bill Broonzy. I was sorting comics yesterday for 6 hours, and for those six hours shuffle showed me some bands that the ComicsDorksCast has yet to enlighten our listening audience with. There were many bands that were contenders but around hour 4 of the sorting process, a band came on that I knew would be that band, the French music duo known simply as AIR (a backronym standing for Amour, Imagination, Rêve which translates to Love, Imagination, Dream.) Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoît Dunckel have been creating truly unique music since 1995 and they continue to this day. Both Godin and Dunckel grew up in the city of Versailles but did not meet until college. Having different bands at the time, the two artists finally joined forces to create Air in 1995. After three years of EP releases and singles, AIR signed with Virgin Records and produces their first album Moon Safari. This album is considered some a classic album of the “chillout” genre. Since then, AIR has produced 4 more studio albums all adding new colors to their already extensive musical palette. Their most recent album was Pocket Symphony, which was released in 2007. Some moods that are associated with AIR can be described as detached, cold, dreamy, eerie, clinical, soothing, ethereal, gloomy, atmospheric, smooth, quirky, nocturnal, reflective, brooding, elegant, hypnotic laid-back/ mellow, gentle, spacey (not Kevin), sparkling, and sexy… oh yes… very sexy. As it can be easily seen, AIR is honestly a hard band to put into words. They have a strange ability to produce the most calming music on the airwaves today. They are a band that is reviving the genre of disco but with a 21st century spin. They are something new - a breath of fresh air.

The Albums:
Moon Safari
The Virgin Suicides
10,000 Hz Legend
Talkie Walkie
Pocket Symphony

The Others:
Premiers Symptômes

Everybody Hertz
City Reading (Tre Storie Western)
Late Night Tales: Air

Similar Artists:
* Trinkwasser
* Radiohead
* Jimi Tenor
* Boards of Canada
* Kid Loco
* Bent
* Nightmares on Wax
* Towa Tei
* Tim "Love" Lee
* Drum Island
* Broadcast
* Komeda
* Morcheeba
* Mono
* Stereolab
* Seeland
* Marsmobil
* Seksu Roba
* Cornelius
* Beck
* Cibo Matto

Influenced By:
* The Rockets
* Ric Ocasek
* Mark Mothersbaugh
* The Cars
* Burt Bacharach
* The Beach Boys
* Heaven 17
* Jean-Michel Jarre
* Tomita
* Perrey-Kingsley

**Air is also a comic... a coincidence?... I think not. Enjoy!

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