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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blog Log #2 (Redemption of a Very Lazy Human Thing)

Brief Mention (From like a week ago or something.)

Justice Society of America # 27

Script and Pencils: Jerry Ordway

Inks: Bob Wiacek

Guess what? Geoff Johns’ beautiful run on JSA has ended. Obviously, it is a sad affair but we must forge a head through the heartache and the tears and realize that Johns will be writing our new favorite books, while continuing to deliver on the books we love so well already. Do I need to name them? No… No I need not! Now let’s get down to brass tacks.

This issue was the beginning of filler* *(I use the term filler against my will, because you should not have dropped JSA with Johns’ departure. The matter of the fact is that it is a bridge that will lead us into a much-anticipated Sturges and Willingham arrival. But sometimes you got to call it like it is.) that I believe will be a lot of fun all wrapped in some seriousness. Relationships continue to grow and old foes return. That sounds pretty JSA to me. Not to mention, how Courtney’s role as a veteran member just brings a great jolly joy to my black, black heart.

I don’t really believe Ordway needs an introduction. It’s not like he has anything to prove to anybody anymore. So why wouldn’t he be able to take the reigns on JSA for a bit and give us a story worth reading? I don’t know, you tell me. Ordway has this cast down. He knows these characters and knows how to tell a story, not to mention how pencil it, as well. Really, there is no reason why any fan of the JSA should not have read this book. Well, unless you have no soul.

Living up to Expectations (From like a week ago or something.)

The Mighty Avengers # 25

Writer: Dan Slott

Penciler: Stephen Segovia

Inks: Noah Salonga

*(Please stay tuned. After this blog log there will be an important message.)

It is no secret that I have been digging this Dark Reign thing over there at Marvel. I like the idea of a change of the statuesque as opposed to another blockbuster, full-blown event. Plus the talent working on this stuff is pretty impressive, old blood as well as new blood. What better time to have a plethora of Avenger teams? To be honest, there’s something you don’t know about me. I am too an Avenger… freelance.
One of my favorite titles that carry the Dark Reign banner is the Mighty Avengers. That is the one Bendis doesn’t write. Well he did but he doesn’t anymore. Instead we are blessed with the presence of Dan Slott. And to be Frank (Full name Major Frank Dangle) Slott is doing something I believe to be amazing with an odd group of characters all pulled together in a mysterious fashion. By mysterious I mean a dame. A dame… a dame with horns. You know the kind of dame that turns tricks. A dame that is kind of magical but too masculine for my tastes. Anyway, we find ourselves with an Avenger team, that in my opinion is the only Avenger team that resembles an Avenger team we have grown to love from the days of old. One word… Jarvis.

Due to the fact you can hear us talk about this on episode # 69 (muck it up children) I will not get to specific. I will tell you this issue reminded me why I love comics and why I love Dan Slott comics. I first caught on to Slott with a Spidey/Torch mini-series which led me to She-Hulk (awesome), and fantastic but too short Thing run (amazing), and so on right into Avengers Initiative. To me Slott is a perfect example of a fans writer. It is obvious he is a fan of comics a rewards other fans by dropping little bits of the past into the present. He also has the talent of doing this using a subtle sense of humor that I find hilarious. As you can tell I might have a man crush on Dan Slott, who I have never met. Let’s just say his writing might produce a broner.

The Mighty Avengers is a book I finally feel was made for me. Like at one of Marvel’s board meetings Dan Slott stood up and said, “How about instead of doing what we normally do, which is try to piss Rob off we give him something he wants. Like a book where Young Avengers, a funny talking god, a man carrying his lady’s name searching for redemption (and maybe a little revenge), a super hot metal chick, a smart ass… smart… ass and Jarvis. We could include a battle of wits involving two men who are too smart for their own good acting like a couple of bitches on a playground.” Thank you Dan Slott. Everybody should check out the works of Dan Slott. If you need direction drop us an e-mail, we will set you straight.

Mighty Avengers = Must Read (if you like comics)


*And now for a very important message. (Join us in our revolution. We will not stop fighting until Pym Particles become known as Pymp Particles. Come on, you know you want this. Pymp Particles For Life!)

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